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gilly - on 06 Mar 2014
I need a new waterproof but it is hard to find a variety of womens technical jackets in any one shop. Have been looking at Mountain Equipment seraph and Rab Latok Alpine. Must have hood for helmet and spacious chest pockets so I can shove loads of stuff in when wearing harness. Any women out there with recommendations.
BCT on 06 Mar 2014
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Hi There. I have a Rab softshell so imagine the water proofs are good. This one looks like it has all of your requirements (and isn't in a gastlly pink pr purple! yay!)

My friend has a Mountain Equipment and she loves it, not sure which style. Both brands are very good in terms of being technical and don't seem to have less features than the male version. Montane and Marmot also good.

I have a lightweight Montane waterproof with all the requirements you need but it is more of an over coat and i would need something more substantial for alpine trips etc. http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/montane-atomic-jacket-womens-p282947

What are you going to use it for most?
lmjm75 - on 06 Mar 2014
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I had bad experiences with Rab Latok Alpine- had to return the jacket twice due to it leaking severely after only a couple of outings. Have heard good things from Mountain Equipment jackets though
Carolyn - on 07 Mar 2014
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I haven't bought a shell jacket recently, but it tends to come down to fit. Montane fleeces work well for me (and so I'd assume waterproofs, too), because they seem to stay long enough in the arms and body in the smaller sizes - lots of others have sleeves too short in a women's small (I'm 5ft 8)
gilly - on 11 Mar 2014
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Thanks to those who have replied - but still struggling to find stockists without travelling miles.
Ella - on 11 Mar 2014
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Hi Gilly,
I've also been struggling with the same problem of needing to buy a new waterproof, but not knowing what to go for. Have you considered a paramo? The more I hear about them the more I think I need to get one! Price wise the new one (which is aimed at the more active/alpine fit) is actually cheaper than the high end technical gore-tex equivalents. I don't have one yet, but never heard a negative word yet! Good luck!

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