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markneilly346 - on 14 Mar 2014
I am travelling to Peru this summer and hoping to get some sport climbing in. I'm looking for crags with routes anywhere between 5 and 6c. If you could please recommend any that you have experienced or heard about, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also if you have traveled the region and have any other places that you would recommend that would be fantastic.

monkey_moves - on 14 Mar 2014
In reply to markneilly346:

checkout hatun machay these folk will hook you up! http://www.andeankingdom.com
madam - on 17 Mar 2014
In reply to markneilly346:

Hi Mark,

definitely agree with the above post. Hatun Machay is probably the best place to sportclimb/boulder in Peru. Andeankingdom is a company which takes you there and gives you topos (you can google the topos as well). You can either stay in refugio or next to refugio in a camp and use the refugio's facilities. Obviously the camp is cheaper

Next to Hatun Machay is Huaraz. One of the mountaineering "headquarters" of Peru with plenty of mountaineering/hiking possibilites around.

In case you want some other information just send me an email...

To give you some idea of the place: http://nzclimb.blogspot.de/p/peru-climbing.html

JackG on 17 Mar 2014
In reply to markneilly346:

Don't know Peru, but just to mix it up a bit, if you want to cross the border into Chile, there are some well developed areas around San Pedro de Atacama in the north: Toconao and Socaire. Toconao is roughly 35km out of San Pedro and Socaire is much more remote. Haven't been to either but they have been recommend to me by locals here (I live in the south of Chile). A topo for Toconao: http://www.guiaescaladachile.com/2014/01/toconao.html#more

I'll probably be heading to Toconao in the first half of July if you're looking for a partner for a few days, I have a rope, rack etc. and operate in roughly the same grade range as you.

If you have any questions about Chile feel free to get in touch.


Andes - on 17 Mar 2014
In reply to markneilly346:

Another vote for Hatun Machay, a very nice spot, going back there next summer myself. There is also some cragging up in the Quebrada Llaca, but it's nice rock and the grades are tougher (or maybe it was just the altitude).
I have also heard that there is some climbing in two other "bosques de rocas" at Huayllay near Junin and at Yuracmayo near Yauyos... but I've never been or even researched them thoroughly... if you go and they are good let me know!!
John Biggar
Cusco - on 17 Mar 2014
In reply to markneilly346:

If you're down in Cusco, there's a great and friendly bouldering wall called The Wall in El Colesio Cerrado, which is the covered basketball stadium a block or so from the Cultural Avenue near the hospital. It's in one of the rooms underneath all the seating. It's run by Coco and Diane and Coco's been instrumental in bolting routes around Cusco over the last few years. He can point you in the right direction to some of the cliffs and you may even be able to hook up with some of the locals through there. It's probably not half as good as around huaraz. But it's where my in laws are so it's great to be able to do something when there.

Last time I was there I tried the fantastic La Garra Del Condor at Las Queunas. Steep and brutally butch to begin to an amazing condor's claw stalactite formation to a technical upper wall. I couldn't do the rock over with an incredibly high right foot on the 30 degree starting wall. Next time I'll try to get strong beforehand.

Enjoy wherever you go. I can't make it out there this year unfortunately.
markneilly346 - on 23 Mar 2014
In reply to markneilly346:

Thanks very much guys! All advice was very helpful. Will definitely be heading up to Hatun Machay! Looking forward to it.

Hope you all get some climbing in this summer
markneilly346 - on 23 Mar 2014
In reply to Cusco:

Thats great thanks, I am sure we will be heading to Cusco so we will keep this in mind. Thanks very much.

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