/ gear recommendation - women's rucksack.

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007 - on 20 Mar 2014
Hi there,

I'm after a rucksack. Around 30L. Ideally I'd buy one really good sack that would suit for cragging / mountaineering / multis & some easy winter routes.

So ideally it'd be pretty light but tough enough, have ice axe loops, helmet holder thing on the outside, hydration holder thing in the back and jet pack attachment for when I get tired.

I'm 5ft 4 / 3.

Don't really care how much it costs - I'd rather buy 1 really good, technical piece of the kit that is the best & will do me for a few years.

Any advice gratefully received.

Thank you.

kestrelspl on 20 Mar 2014
In reply to 007:

She's quite a bit taller than you, but my fiancee really likes her Osprey Variant.
martinph78 on 20 Mar 2014
In reply to 007:

Deuter Guide Lite 28 SL, with additional Deuter Helmet Holder. Job done!
AndrewHuddart - on 20 Mar 2014
In reply to 007:

My girlfriend is about your height and loves her Deuter Guide 30+ SL.

It's done 30+ mountains in Switzerland, ski touring, multi-pitch climbing, UK winter and lots of backpacking: highly recommended.
kathrync - on 20 Mar 2014
In reply to 007:

For me, buying a rucksack is much like buying a pair of boots. They all fit slightly differently and the key is to try them on (weighted) and find what fits you best.

I also find that I hate carrying over- or under- stuffed bags so despite my resolution to buy one good one, I know have 5 or 6!

FWIW, my most-used sac is a Crux AK37 - the floating lid version. It comes in a couple of back-lengths. I find it super-comfy. It's a very light sac, but it has achieved that by being minimalist - it has axe loops but not much else on the outside and apart from the lid, just a single big pocket inside. I have added what I want on the outside with bungee, which suits me better anyway. The material feels kinda flimsy, but it has lasted me years, including a couple of trips over the Cuillin on the rough rough rock.

When I buy sacs, I look for narrow bags (no side pockets) so they don't restrict arm movements too much, a solid hip-belt, and something that doesn't hinder head movement too much when wearing a helmet. This is the reason I like the floating lid on mine - I can move it out of the way or remove it entirely when climbing with it.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.