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Tim.W.Climber - on 22 Mar 2014

I'm going to Bucharest in a few week. Has anyone been there recently and able to give good travel advice?

I've been trying to work out from the airport which kind of bus ticket i need. Various websites say different thing depending on when the page go updated. Anyone know for sure?

Also, anyone got any good/recommend avoiding places? I'll have a good look on trip adviser but recommendations are always good

Anywhere particularly good for food? It seems the old town is generally good and near were i'll be staying

Any other advise?

Many thanks in advance
Hardonicus - on 22 Mar 2014
In reply to Tim.W.Climber:

Had 2 days there about 4 years ago. What a shit tip - they were digging most of it up, so it might be better now...

Didn't strike me as the kind of place you aim visit - we were passing through on an Orient Express style train trip from Wakefield to Istanbul!
redsonja - on 23 Mar 2014
In reply to Tim.W.Climber:

I like Bucharest and felt safe there. I was thereby myself and bought the lonely planet book and did loads of sightseeing. I arrived at 1am so got a taxi, which was quite cheap and took me right to my hostel. but make sure you take a yellow taxi and not a private car who will rip you off something rotton. if you want to go by bus there is an information office at the airport. everyone speaks really good English. hope you enjoy it. Romania, and Bucharest in particular, get bad press sometimes, but I was in Romania 2 weeks and loved the country and people
felt - on 23 Mar 2014
In reply to redsonja:

I used to fly to Bucharest a lot in the early 70s. After landing and taxiing to the terminal, the plane would be surrounded by a detachment of soldiers with semis (guns). I wasn't stopping there; all BEA flights to Bulgaria used to fly to Bucharest first, as demand for Sofia/Bucharest alone was insufficient. So you'd get out, go past these soldiers, sit in Transit for an hour or so, then have to file past them again on the way back. The airport was a drab and depressing place, even by the standards of the time. Sofia wasn't much better, but there were no soldiers.

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