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plyometrics - on 03 Apr 2014
OK. Prepared to be shot down and told the latest news about air pollution is nonsense. However, my question relates to my running during the past 2 days, when the levels have meant to be high.

I live in Kendal, which is generally away from the significantly affected areas. Current pollution levels in our part of the world are meant to be moderate: http://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/forecasting/

I run, a great deal, and the past two training days when I've set off, within the first 5 minutes whilst warming up, I've been suddenly hit with an unusually tight chest.

I've managed to shake it off, but the remainder of the run hasn't been comfortable and sat at my desk now my chest still feels a wee bit tight.

Whilst I appreciate this may be nothing more than a simple pre-cursor to a bit of a bad chest, just wondered if anyone else has struggled out running during the past couple of days when levels are meant to be high.

Rest assured, not seeking medical advice, if I were worried I'd be hitting the docs.

Clint86 - on 03 Apr 2014
In reply to plyometrics:

Kendal looked to be out of the affected area when I saw the news yesterday. I think the advice to people in the South East should be 'don't drive' rather than 'don't exercise'.
JMGLondon - on 03 Apr 2014
In reply to plyometrics:
I ran in East London last night having totally forgotten about the warnings. Just got home after work and went out on auto pilot. 10 miles, no noticeable difference - still the same lumbering sweaty mess afterwards.
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Bjartur i Sumarhus on 03 Apr 2014
In reply to JMGLondon:

I had a different experience to you, I ran 10km yest along thames path and definitely noticed a burning in my lungs and had a funny taste in my mouth which I don't normally get. Also when i drove into London along the A13 the view of Canary Wharf and the City was like HK on a bad day for smog.
ClimberEd - on 03 Apr 2014
In reply to plyometrics:

I've had difficult sessions on both the bike and running..... not sure if it was to do with the training or the air but definitely felt worse than usual (nr London)
Uluru on 03 Apr 2014
In reply to plyometrics:

My other half had a hard time doing his 10K last night in Bristol. It was hilly but normally he is OK. Had tight chest and was wheezy for a while afterwards... I've been suffering on my runs, but have asthma so I guess I'm not a great example!
AndrewHuddart - on 04 Apr 2014
In reply to ClimberEd:

My weekly 10K in SW London wasn't fun - very tight chest while working hard and it generally felt tougher than usual.
BusyLizzie on 04 Apr 2014
In reply to plyometrics:

Ah - I had forgotten about it too, but that would explain why my waddle across the parks from Paddington to Victoria felt rather slower than usual!
cathsullivan on 04 Apr 2014
In reply to plyometrics:
I live in Kendal too and went out running around Arnside last night without paying too much attention to the whole air quality issue. I had, perhaps naively, assumed it wouldn't be an issue 'up here'. The friend I ran with did comment on how foggy/smoggy it was and afterwards I had quite sore eyes and a bit of a sore chest. I found the hills quite hard but assumed I was just unfit/lazy. I actually bothered to look at the info on the DEFRA website this morning and realised that the map for the NW of England was actually all rather in the red zone for yesterday. I am assuming that my very mild discomfort probably is related to the air quality yesterday but am simply assuming it'll go away without doing me any damage.
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