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Outside.co.uk - on 04 Apr 2014
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If you’re into trail running or you’d like to start, then Sunday at the Outside Hathersage La Sportiva Weekend could be for you.

We’ll be focusing on running the hills, with visiting ultra legends James Elson, Paul Navesey and James Adams taking runners out on training workshops.

Sign up for a running workshop with 10k, 10mile or 20mile distances available. Tickets cost just £5 and include:

• 10am Talk with James Elson on race preparation and what to take with you
• 11am – 12pm Select your demo shoes and have a fitting session
• 12pm Start! Take to the hills with one of the experts, on a running workshop designed to offer training tips and advice.

You can buy tickets from the Outside website here: http://goo.gl/JRohbL – only 15 per distance available.

Deals on gear and demo shoes will be available throughout the day.

ohsmeg on 20 Apr 2014
In reply to Outside.co.uk:

yes but where can I buy them? I want wildcats in a women's size. Is it too much to ask? According to Outside Hathersage's website they don't even sell Sportiva running shoes for women - thanks, guys!

p.s. Even Sportiva's own website couldn't be bothered to reply to an e-mail I sent. I used to wear wildcats (they are brilliant) until they suddenly became unobtainable in women's sizes. Maybe they don't need the female half of potential custom? I've now switched to Salomon Speedcross.
Outside.co.uk - on 22 Apr 2014
In reply to ohsmeg:

Unfortunately the women's Wildcats are not currently imported into the UK so we can't stock them. We will have women's Bushido and Ultra Raptor shoes available to try on the day and if you like them we'll be happy to order them in for you (that goes for online orders too). Come down and give them a go!

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