/ Broken Trekking poles - how to fix?

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jimykx on 15 Apr 2014 - 89-187-225-130.internetia.net.pl

So I was hikking but I didn't tighten my trekking pole's blocking system enough, and it was a little loose. I slipped on the snow and because it was loose it broke the screw of the blocking system (that tightening spot) in half, so the other half of the screw and the mechanism that expands to tighten the pipe stood inside of the main pipe and it just broke in half.

This image explains more or less what happens (It's not my model, mine is a Summit light MASTERS.) http://imageshack.com/a/img841/6913/1th3.jpg
So it broke where you can see the red line, and the green part is now inside the main holding pole, while the other half is separated.

Is there any way I can remove this screw and replace it with a new one? Is there any way at all I can fix this or do I have to buy new trekking poles just because of this broken screw?
Thanks in advance.
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The Lemming - on 15 Apr 2014
In reply to jimykx:

I just buy cheap poles and use their bits as spares.
Mountain Llama on 15 Apr 2014
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Can you reach the screw connected to green expander with long nose pliers? If so you need to grip the screw and turn the pole to remove the green expanding wedge.

Then remove opposite end from lower pole section. Find a bolt or stud bar with same thread. Make spacer to hold new threaded section. Fit green expander to new threaded bit. Fix threaded bit to spacer. Fix, glue spacer to lower section.

Vois la!

Alternatively you could buy a new pole. Only worth exploring above if you've got loads of spare time etc


jimykx on 16 Apr 2014 - 89-187-225-130.internetia.net.pl
In reply to Mountain Llama:

So I managed to unscrew and loosen the simple locking system but now that part has gone further up the tube and it's harder to reach to take out. I was trying to remove the grip of the pole so that I could fit something thinner and long from the other side and push the broken part through the other side but I don't think there is any way to remove the grip without breaking something... :/

Also I noticed that the system is not like the one I showed in the photo, but rather a split dowel, which means the screw is a very specific plastic pin which has a part in the shape of a cone that is getting bigger so the more it is screwed the more the split dowel expands.

I can find lots of replacement split dowels but I can't find any replacement screws/pins
Is there any place where I can get this replacement part? Or is there any way I can buy something like an attachable flicklock that will do the same job but from the outside of the tube?

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