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Rampikino - on 22 Apr 2014
Mornin all,

Does anyone have a link or contact for a supplier of belay stakes?

Ben Sharp - on 22 Apr 2014
In reply to Rampikino:

I've just had four made by my nearest metal fabrication firm. They are about three feet long, quarter inch thick 2.5 inch angle iron, or thereabouts, with a point cut on one end. They cost me a fiver each which is cheaper than a Rock 1 on wire. They should last years, even if though they will rust eventually. You could delay the rusting a bit by getting them galvanised I guess.
taddersandbadger - on 23 Apr 2014
In reply to Rampikino:

As mentioned in the link a 5 ft piece of galvanised scaffold tube gives a great deal of confidence. They are a monkey to hammer in. A friend of mine who is a dab hand with a welder fabricated a steel cap that fits over the top and stops the tube flaring when you bash it in. Works a treat and saves having to cut a few inches of battered tube off after you have done your best strongman impression with the sledge!
Nick_Scots on 23 Apr 2014
I have scaffold bars. Circular and galvanised, the end is at 60degs and cut with a reciprocating saw. It goes in easy. As mentioned, the end gets burred and mushroomed. Angled steel eg an L shape, will slide in better.

I use them for sessions with groups, I remove them after. The longer the better ! Although more than 5ft is hard to hit the first foot down.

Best having two equalised.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.