/ slim fit hiking pants, do they exsist?

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neilus - on 01 May 2014
As the title suggests, im getting a bit fed up with trekking trousers that MC Hammer would be buying by the truckload...
I am a wee fella...178cm, 70kg give or take and hate the look and feel of excessively baggy trousers. Given up on Craghoppers, though the Kiwi pro stretch is actually pretty slim-fitting and a really good pant but im looking at more lightweight stuff for warmer climates.
Just got a pair of Montane Terra Pack, the leg is fairly slim though yet again the crotch-waist sizing is way off; waist in right place, and crotch is halfway down thigh; crotch in right place and waist is just below nipps !
Does anyone else have the same issues? Any tips on which manufacturers/models to check out?
StephenS - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

The Rab pants I've got are quite slim fitting. I'd tell you the model but I've got them on and I'm in work...
jezb1 - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

Tried Mammut and Patagonia?
captain paranoia - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

You're the same height and weight as me. Take a look at Decathlon's soft shell trousers, size M.
girlymonkey - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

Yeah, I'd second decathlon, their stuff is generally a fairly slim cut
TheDrunkenBakers - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

Montane Terra Stretch is a snugger fit than the Terra standard.
tjin - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

light weight, slim fitting.... How about the old fashion legging?
neilus - on 01 May 2014
cheers guys, ill get looking at some of the tips...re decathlon: are you talking about the Quechua stuff? Or do they have their own branded gear? I had actually already found their stuff, it looks slimmer but they only seem to have large sizes...specific links/models, please?? Cheers!!
nikkormat on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

Decathlon Forclaz 900 trousers:

Decathlon Forclaz 900 Warm (soft shell):

I have an older version of the Warm, and they are excellent for winter. I used to work at Decathlon, and a regular complaint from customers was that clothes were too slim fitting, so they might be just what you're after.
neuromancer - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

Pretty sure he was after something for warmer climes, decathlon softshells are toasty winter trousers.
neilus - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neuromancer:

yeah that was the plan, i have spent and plan to spend more time in India and even in Autumn its still roasting for me...so something light for jeep-ing (not sure that verb exsists) around in warmer/lower elevations but can be used for higher stuff over some good warm base layers. For winter stuff i was looking at the ME Ibex which looks like a good, slim-ish trouser, does anyone have a pair? Though too toasty for summer im sure...
Thanks for the Decathlon links, looks like an interesting store, is the gear generally ok?
girlymonkey - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

I'd be surprised if decathlon didn't have something light enough, they are a European shop so do warm weather gear well.
Their stuff is mixed. There is great stuff, and not so great. Best to think that they are European, and they do stuff well that caters to European climate. I don't find they have many good waterproofs, but love my winter soft shells that I got from them, for example. Got a great climbing helmet from them too, and great sunglasses. So I would have expected good summer weight trousers.
Carolyn - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

Yes, Decathlon gear is generally OK, certainly for the price. A notch above Craghopper, for example, I'd say.

My experience, which admittedly is more of women's clothes, is that the more expensive brands tend to be a better, snugger fit. Cheaper brands can save money by making stuff a bit baggy all over rather than fiddle about and get a good fit in the right places (as well as using cheaper fabrics). How far up the brands you go to get what you want, and how much you put up with a poorer fit, is up to you!
HB1 - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

I've a pair of ME Ibex - they're narrow from the knee down. Size small still a little on the large size for me (177cms and 63kilos) but good to wear. I have VERY slim-cut pair of lightweight North Face trousers with lots of stretchy material, but I can't recall the particular model
cliff shasby - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

im 5f 6in and just under your weight,mountain hardwear size small is slim/trim fitting and so are some arcteryx like gamma ar pants, these are super slim fitting but expensive.
Jack - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

Here you go


Good for hiking, climbing, running, down the pub, walking the dog (dogging for short). Etc
psaunders - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

I've found ME Ibex to be very slim fitting, at least for my cyclist's legs. They are excellent, I like the fit and feel less self-conscious when wearing them than Ron Hills!

Would probably be too warm for hot summer hiking, but they're ideal for summer alpine climbing and spring - autumn in the UK. I wouldn't say they're warm enough on their own for UK winter, but are good with a thin base layer underneath.
altirando - on 01 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

Look at leggings rather than trousers - specifically, try Haglofs Intense leggings.
neilus - on 02 May 2014
Thanks for all the tips - tho not sure id pop down the local for a pint in the Ron Hills!! The ME Approach pant keeps popping up on my quest, any feedback on these?
jethro kiernan - on 02 May 2014
In reply to neilus:

The decathalon stuff is quite snug, just bought a pair of shorts in medium without trying them on, the wife made some uncomplementry comments about middle aged men wearing snug fitting shorts, going to try their trousers for some slim fitting summer tousers for the Pyrenees.

Any one want some decathlon size medium waling shorts shorts worn once

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