/ Which tent is better? Golite Imogene UL2 vs. MSR Nook

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chaldakov - on 13 May 2014

Which tent is better?

Golite Imogene UL2 - 1.2 kg.

MSR Nook - 1.6 kg.

Which is stronger? Which is more windproof? Which is more waterproof? Which has less condensate?
Does anyone have any experience with these tents?

Or would you recommend another? I'm ready to hear your opinion. I need light and strong tent for bad weather.

Thank you,
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Stefan Jacobsen - on 19 May 2014
In reply to chaldakov:

Can't advice which one is better, but convey my experience with the Nook.
During a high alpine hike last year the Nook stood firm in pretty strong winds. The shape of the tent prevented accumulation of snow and no spindrift entered as the nylon part of the innner tent extends 2/3 up. The canopy proved waterproof in torrential rain and as the waterproof floor extends high no splash enetered the inner tent. The upper part of the inner tent is made out of mesh fabric and as the canopy has side vents there is litterally no condensation in humid conditions. When hot, sleeping sans canopy has the additional benefit of deep space views. The area of the inner tent is ok for two and it has sitting comfort. The minimal foot print is excellent when pitching at confined sites, but the small vestibule is a drawback and it is suitable for one backpack only.
All in all I find the tent good value and would give it my recommandation.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.