/ MSR Base 2 and dish/skillet compatibility

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abcdef - on 19 May 2014
Am considering the MSR Base 2 set which seems to be available for a fairly reasonable price. It also doesn't seem the sturdiest, so was thinking about adding some plates for protection. Am I correct in thinking that:

The 1.5L pan can sit inside a small deepdish plate which can then fit inside the 2.5L larger pan? And its held snugly, without movement/scratching?

Is it also possible to fit a 2nd small deepdish plates around the 1.5L (one top and one bottom) before going into the 2.5L?

And thirdly, if I get the skillet too, does the 2.5L sit inside a medium deepdish which in turn sits inside the skillet?

Maybe I would be better getting a nice stackable set that doesn't have a non-stick surface (its not that big a consideration). What are the anodised ones like? Any suggestions as to a set (say 2 pots, frypan and ideally wee kettle) that would be an alternative. Ideally without the pot-grabber type of handles.
NottsRich on 20 May 2014
In reply to abcdef:

My personal opinion is to not bother with non-stick coatings. Stainless is far more reliable and robust.

I take it you're not looking for lightweight if you're wanting a kettle. If it's for car camping stainless would probably be your best long term solution. If it's more for base camp use then someone else may have some good ideas!

You mentioned pans being held snugly to avoid movement. I use a small bar towel as a tea towel if I'm not too bothered about weight, which fits between the inner and outer two pans to prevent noise by taking up all the space. When I lose that I'll be using some microfibre/travel towel material instead.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.