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CharlieMack - on 16 Jul 2014
Looking at booking my MIA training later this year. Just after advice for what i should really have in my logbook.

MTA states 30 VS+ multipitch routes.
What would you realistically be expected to have? At the moment i've got 24 VS-E4 routes, and a few easier VDiff-HS routes. Would 35-40 routes be sufficient, given that some are really long (14 pitches) some are mid E grades. Or is it better to have done a lot of VS multipitch, like 50+ routes?

Also says 20 ML lead days. Again, this is a minimum number required, but what would those that have done the course recommend to have done? I'm on about 17 days so far.

I understand that the figures are absolute minimum requirements, and don't want to just be scraping through. But also would really like to get it done at the end of this year.

Cheers in advance.
lithos on 16 Jul 2014
In reply to CharlieMack:

first off this is training not assessment (though mine felt like that a few times) so
'scraping through' is a bit of an odd phrase but you don't want to go unaware of whats
happening and being able to look after yourself on multi-pitch routes -save them teaching everything from scratch

as its training having 30 MP routes will suffice. You can consolidate after training, Looking at your log book there is a ton of single pitch hard routes, but you need to focus on MP and leading or Alt. Long VS routes (14 pitches !) in mountains are more impressive than 2 pitche E5 at tremadog (for example) though i'd put all it in I'd get another dozen VS/HVS done and you top off with some shorter harder ones

ML days - well i wouldn't be too worried about that if you've got 20 thats fine, its mostly about climbing , the ML group aspect is important as well - experience is what they are looking for....

It's a great 9 days
Carolyn - on 16 Jul 2014
In reply to CharlieMack:

My (about third hand, so do take with a pinch of salt...!) knowledge is that's likely to be fine for the climbing if you bump it up to the minimum. Someone who's climbed a bit harder than VS, and on remote mountain crags) is likely to be much more comfortable than someone who's managed to pick off 30 VS routes on sunny crags in the valley bottom. So if you're comfortable on VS routes on big mountain crags in a range of weather then you should be fine.
CharlieMack - on 16 Jul 2014
In reply to lithos:

Cheers for the advice. Thought that as it was a training, it wouldn't matter too much. I guess i didn't want to turn up for a course to find that everyone else would have done much more and i'd be 'that guy' who was trying to jump on board too soon.

I feel as though i'm ready, but i guess you always do, until you really know what you're in for.

Planning on getting a few more mountain MP routes to bolster my logbook (and have a lot of fun) before my training anyway.

Looking forward to it!
Andy Say - on 16 Jul 2014
In reply to CharlieMack:


The issue is not so much what you should have logged when you attend the training course but what you should have logged in order for your registration application to be approved - MIA registration is not automatic but is dependent on the level of experience given as support of the application.
Routes selected for the application should have a high proportion on mountain crags or sea-cliffs so maybe a few more days on the bigger Lakes/Wales crags wouldn't come amiss.

CharlieMack - on 16 Jul 2014
In reply to Andy Say:

Cheers Andy, that's useful to know. I'd say more than half are Lakes, Wales high crags, or Scottish crags like the Ben. Will make sure the rest of the ones i do this year are in that vein.
Mountain routes are much more fun anyway, so shouldn't be too taxing to force myself up there.

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