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viejertito - on 22 Jul 2014
hey all
anybdy interested in joining the training weekend with the mountain guide in the french alps (the upcoming WE), possibly 1-2 spots.
kevnet - on 23 Jul 2014
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any more details ?
viejertito - on 23 Jul 2014
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Sure, I will be in chamonix from Friday afternoon, have booked the guide (also being an instructor for young guide candidates) for two days. Price 660€ to be shared, on the top your lift and cost of overnight in the hut (compared two rot her guides, really good price as it's for full two days, so if second day we leave at 4 am and take the last cable car down, it's still same price). The exact itinerary is still in discussion because of the weather. Possibly aiguille d'argentiere, triangle de tacul, etc.
As said goals are in improving on going in safety on your own, i.e. the last time the guide was keen to unrope himself and leave my friend and me going on our own with his corrections, etc. really great way of learning. If you have any special wishes what you want to learn or repeat, I am also open to hear about them.
One or two spots are free, as I don't want any big group.
viejertito - on 23 Jul 2014
btw, the training is planned in the Chamonix area, but might happen in the Swiss/Italian Alps if the weather is more favorable there (or if we present the strong wish, not to do it in France :P)
viejertito - on 23 Jul 2014
in case anybody is thinking about joining the options are:

1) le refuge d'argentiere and after some exercises on Sat, leaving early on Sun and climbing l'aiguille d'argentiere or chardonnet
2) refuge Albert 1er on Glacier du Tour and after similar exercising day, climbing l'aiguille du tour or la petite fourche tu purely training the lead

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.