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UKC Articles - on 28 Jul 2014
Adidas Terrex Solo, 4 kbBack in 2011 Adidas acquired the Five Ten brand, and with it their legendary Stealth rubber - generally considered to be the stickiest rubber on the planet. The Solo Stealth is the first shoe from adidas to feature Stealth rubber on the sole.

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Toerag - on 30 Jul 2014
In reply to UKC Articles:

It's just a shame the tread depth is minimal and they'll be rubbish on most approaches for that very reason . Why manufacturers can't put the nice vibram mountain commando sole with solid toe edge you find on mountaineering boots on their approach shoes I don't know.
Outside.co.uk - on 01 Aug 2014
In reply to Toerag:

The chunkier the sole the more weight - it's all compromise. The review does mention that they can be slippy on wet grass: http://goo.gl/jBqr6f but James was so bowled over by their climbing capabilities he didn't seem to care!

The new style 5.10 Guide Tennie has had the tread beefed up if you want to take a look: http://goo.gl/KM4nbg and it may also be worth keeping an eye out for the next version of the Camp Four.
Michael Ryan - on 01 Aug 2014
In reply to Toerag:

Build quality is great, and they are OK for most approaches but not wet grass, they climb well too.

adidas do a version with a rocker and more lugs, the scope


i had a pair of non-stealth terrex solos, the terrex fast and did a few alpine ascents in them. They took brutal abuse for 2 years and lasted well.
Michael Ryan - on 06 Aug 2014
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These are the boys


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