/ lake tahoe,yosemite RV parks.

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colina - on 31 Jul 2014
ok have hired a good sized RV vehicle to tour west coast of California (on the cheap) in September 2014 .im looking for reccomendations for rv friendly sites at lake Tahoe and yosemite, any travel advice/ideas on good things to do etc would be good too.
want to get to el cap and half dome so looking for parks nearby if possible.
not looking to do any climbing on this trip but walking WILL be on the agenda thx colin.
Martin Bennett - on 31 Jul 2014
In reply to colina:

Of the campsites in The Valley itself we chose Upper Pines - great location near Curry Village for any shopping requirements and cheap dinners. There are no electric hook ups but I think that's true of all campsites in the park. You may find you're too late by now to book a site at one of the valley sites. If so try Crane Flat campground - just outside the valley on the way to Tuolomne Meadows - and there's a beautiful sequoia grove within walking distance.

Don't miss Tuolomne Meadows - beautiful place with great walking, valley or High Sierra summits.

We meant to camp high and walk Half Dome at a leisurely pace over a day and a half. In the end we couldn't get a camping permit and did it in the day from the Upper Pines Campsite. We found a good tip for the route in, surprisingly, The Lonely Planet guide - this involves leaving the main path (trail they call it!) fairly soon and diverting up a section of The John Muir Trail. Then do the main path (trail!) on the decent - highly recommended.

Others will have more suggestions I'm sure.

At South Lake Tahoe we stayed here http://www.recreation.gov/camping/fallen-leaf-campground/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&am...

It proved to be a lucky choice - I believe the Lakeside sites can be a bit "holidayfied" if you know what I mean. Fallen leaf is quiet and pleasant, or was when we were there.

Can't help re walking around there - we just went climbing at Lover's Leap which is brilliant.
colina - on 31 Jul 2014
In reply to Martin Bennett:

thx martin just wot I need .I thought mebbe upper pines myself so u have confirmed my thoughts .will check out fallen leaf too .anything else you can remember feel free t post ,.thx

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