/ Fitting larger leg loops to a DMM Tomcat harness ?

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iani on 23 Aug 2014
My son uses a DMM Tomcat harness. The waist is still fine - I think it goes up to 30", but the leg loops are getting too small. Does anyone have any advice / experience in fitting larger leg loops plse?
thanks very much
andrewmc - on 23 Aug 2014
In reply to iani:

Not sure if you have already worked this out! Although it doesn't usually look like it with most of the DMM harnesses you can separate the leg loops from the belay loop and waist loop by undoing the little strap at the back of the leg tie-in point and unclipping the rear elastic straps, then feeding the

But... I don't know where you could get just the leg loops, plus they would have to come off a different harness (since the Tomcat only comes in one size?). The leg loops off a DMM Renegade or similar should be fine; you could try asking DMM directly but they may not have (or be willing to sell) spare leg loops, or you could try and get a second-hand harness and just use the leg loops (ideally something with a worn-out belay loop but OK tie-in points for example).
purplemonkeyelephant - on 23 Aug 2014
In reply to iani:

I imagine most manufacturers would be hesitant to have a harness consisting of items with different age/wear. Unless he just has monster quads, why not trade it in for another harness? It will probably last longer all things considered. Though I can understand your hesitance, with the rate kids grow and all that.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.