/ Mammut Alpine UL 3-season sleeping bag

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bendep - on 24 Aug 2014
Quite a simple question really... Anyone own one? Or anyone have an experience or view on them?

There seems to be a surprisingly little amount on the internet about them, for something that claims to be one of the lightest synthetic bags ever! I can't even seem to find the 'editors choice' review of it or the 2nd place at the Outdoor gear of the gear show details? Maybe my google in France is being annoying..?

Anyways, let me know what you think folks!

Prof. Outdoors on 25 Aug 2014
In reply to bendep:

I have also been looking at this sleeping bag.

There are reviews on the web of the winter version but not much info on the UL 3 season bag.


The spec seems good but it might be too expensive for me. The Marmot Cloudbreaks get reasonable reviews.
Good luck in your search.

Prof. Outdoors on 25 Aug 2014
In reply to bendep:

Found the Outdoor Magazine review online. (German)

Not particularly comprehensive.

Have you looked at the bag itself. They are quite tight fitting and may not be any good for tall people. They are sold in the UK by GO-Outdoors but are also stocked online by Bike24.

bendep - on 27 Aug 2014
In reply to bendep:

No, haven't been able to see the bag myself actually as I'm in France. Coming back to the UK soon though, so might have time to have a look, although I'm only here for 3 days before heading off on the trip i'm looking to use it on!

Thanks for the link, a good reminder i need to learn german haha. At the moment I'm just looking for the best bag i can get, 3/4 seasons and waterproof(ish).

Another really interesting bag is the Montane Minimus, which although pricey, looks like a really good bit of kit. That could be another thread though...?
Prof. Outdoors on 29 Aug 2014
In reply to bendep:
If you are considering down bags my friend has just bought a Robens Caucasus 300. It gets good reviews on quite a few cycle websites, 0C comfort limit but a bargain at the site below.


Not waterproof in any way if that is a concern. Alpkit Hunka bivi for £30 over the top may help.

Other bags I have considered are Marmot Cloudbreak 30 from Up and Under in Cardiff. Rab Ignition 2 from Outdoor Shop in Milton Keynes.

Depends where you are returning to in UK as to whether or not you get chance to look before you buy. If you do get a Mammut it would be good to hear what you think of it.
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