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blueshift86 on 12 Oct 2016
Hi Guys,

I'm thinking of getting a go pro soon but I can't decide between whether to get a go pro 4 silver or hero 5 black.

Mainly will use on a tripod to take climbing vids. May use it for scuba diving in future. Think a video of me climbing from my view would be boring but might give this a go too.

For me I was leaning towards hero 5 at first as it's newer etc, but it'/ only waterproof to 10m whereas the hero 4 has a proper waterproof housing to make it waterproof to 40m.

Now I am leaning towards the hero 4 silver as it's £90 cheaper and I don'5 need to buy an additional waterproof housing for £60 for scuba diving. Also I will be recording in 1080p 99% of the time so 4k won'5 benefit me. I do like the idea the hero 5 has better sound but not sure if this is enough reason to get the 5 over the 4.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!
ElBarto - on 12 Oct 2016
In reply to blueshift86:

Where are you looking to get the Hero 4 from? I was thinking of purchasing one but GoPro no longer seem to sell it.

Also I don't know that much about the Hero 5 but I have a Hero 3 and the battery life isn't amazing so I've purchased a battery pack that clips onto the back & two spare normal batteries for it. I can only imagine the Hero 5 doesn't allow you to change the battery due to it being waterproof & the LCD screen draining the battery even more along with other extra features it has makes me think the battery life is going to be so short it'll be a bit useless.
olddirtydoggy - on 12 Oct 2016
In reply to blueshift86:

Bought a 4 last month and the results are fantastic. If you're a professional film maker or hoping to make money, the extra features might be of use, whatever they are. At what point is a unit fit enough for purpose? The 4 for my usage is plenty fit enough.
purplemonkeyelephant - on 12 Oct 2016
In reply to blueshift86:

I just got a 5. I never had any previous gen models but I can't imagine using it without a screen - how did people frame their shots before? Also it sounds gimmicky but using the voice mode to start recording videos is really helpful ie it's mounted on your helmet and you just shout at it to record a video or take a photo. Hands free capture helps a lot in certain situations.

For me the waterproofness to 10m is just added reassurance that if I'm on the beach it's not going to get water damaged in any way. I get that buying an extra housing is a pain but if the housing leaks and damages the camera, or it gets splashed on the boat - that could cost a lot more.
veteye on 13 Oct 2016
In reply to blueshift86:

If you look at reviews which are objective, they often come up with the idea that the cost and value are not half so good with Go-Pros as compared to other makes.
The last assessment by Which magazine had Sony cameras top overall, and the Go-pro well down the list.
My daughter has a Sony and thinks that it is great.So I would at least have a look at other cameras as well.
ElBarto - on 13 Oct 2016
In reply to purplemonkeyelephant:

What's the battery life like on the Hero 5?
GHawksworth on 13 Oct 2016
In reply to blueshift86:


have a look at this if you're into added features. it links up with your phone so you can see the frame size too. and other garmin devices so you can do an overlay of cadence for cycling or heart rate
blueshift86 on 16 Oct 2016
In reply to olddirtydoggy:

I ended up getting a hero 4 silver in the end. Wasn't so much the money over the 5 but the fact that the 4 did the job I wanted, had fantasic reviews and a waterproof housing. The 5 has terrible reviews on amazon, you can't turn the image stabaliser off according to gopro, and the way the lens is, it looks like omce it is scratched it is scratched. Didn't think the front bit could be replaced like the housing on the hero 4 due to the design.

purplemonkeyelephant - on 16 Oct 2016
In reply to ElBarto:

Not amazing, not awful, but considering replacement batteries cost £19.99 retail, it's what I expected.

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