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irish paul - on 12 Oct 2016
Afternoon all, I've got a trip coming up in a few weeks to Chulilla and was wondering if anyone could share any recommendations for accommodation or routes (looking at anything in the 7s).

Any other tips or advice also welcomed, been a few years since my last climbing holiday and want to make it count!
jon on 13 Oct 2016
In reply to irish paul:

We're in Chulilla at the moment staying in La Muela. It's well positioned - 50m to the main parking, 100m from the shops. There are three appartments, we're in no 3 on the top floor which is an appartment for two and has a great roof terrace with a view of sector Lamentaciones across the valley. I wouldn't like to be here if the other appartments were fully occupied as the building is noisy.

Lots of other options - there's La Rueda 400m out of town to the south which seems quite popular. Also El Altico up on the hill which is run by the guy that published the guidebook. Probably avoid any accomodation that's anywhere near the main square as it's very noisy, especially at the weekends when the whole town becomes rather animated.

Have a look at this thread: http://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/t.php?t=629871

Fraser on 13 Oct 2016
In reply to irish paul:

We stayed at La Rueda last year (as mentioned by jon above) and it was pretty good. Nice restaurant next door, but it's only open certain days of the week. I'd say it's probably a 10min walk from Chuililla village square, rather than '400m' ;)

Some route recommendations in this thread from last year:


The classic lines will become very obvious once you've been there only a day or two - they're all pretty decent tbh.

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