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ebdon - on 15 Oct 2016
I am currently trying to buy some touring skis but am getting a bit bewildered. Im a proficient downhill skier and have done a fair bit of touring but on other peoples skis. I cant afford or justify several pairs for different conditions so i need somthing that will work for icy scotland or powdery norway. Ive seen some cheep ones online with an 80mm waist and 120mm tips but is this too narrow? What sort of widths should i be looking at.
AdrianC - on 15 Oct 2016
In reply to ebdon:

Personally I'd go wider under foot - 90 to 95 mm. It just makes it easier to deal with the range of snow conditions you can encounter touring.
spragglerocks on 15 Oct 2016
In reply to ebdon:
Scott superguide 95's get good reviews - fall line touring ski of the year apparently. Meant to be a good all rounder plus excellent ski touring ski.
damowilk on 15 Oct 2016
In reply to ebdon:

Hi, this thread is probably useful, the op was wanting to go light, short and narrow: http://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/t.php?n=646836

For a one quiver ski for a range of snow could conditions I think 80 is a bit narrow: 90-105 probably better; which end of that you go for depending if you want it better on hard pack or powder. Though, a more competent and experienced skier can get away with a narrower ski in deeper stuff.
doz on 18 Oct 2016
in reply to ebdon:
I'd personally go 90 waist these days for an allrounder but your weight/ski style etc are important factors so, if you can, try before you buy....I'd also stay away from the superlight end if you are skiing in Scotland as you want a bulldozer of a ski most of the time to handle those lovely windblasted deep frozen acres of ice and breakable crust...
Scott superguides look about right but I ain't tried them...on the other hand if you can find some second hand Bandit 2s you will be in skiing heaven :~)

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.