/ public showers around font?

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Kahti - on 15 Oct 2016
Hi all,
Am currently living the dream bumming it in my van at Font - in the designated places at Milly and Bourron before I get shouted at. Tried to find the shower block in grez-sur-loing mentioned in a previous thread today but only found some manky looking squat loos.
So what are the best options for a shower? I think some of the campsites charge around 6 euro or so to use their facilities without staying. Have seen signs for swimming pools but not checked cost yet and don't know if its still standard policy to force everyone into speedos? Are there any other options? Am thinking of the public showers often attached to public toilets and train stations in the UK...

Also does anyone know definitevly what the deal is with parking up by the tourist office at Barbizon? From what I've read I'm not entirely sure if its ok. While Milly and bourron have both been good so far I'm trying not to stay in one place for too many nights so other options would be good...

1poundSOCKS - on 15 Oct 2016
In reply to Kahti:

> Are there any other options?

Heat some water on your stove, use some soap and a flannel.
coombsy - on 16 Oct 2016
In reply to Kahti:
Hi kahti,
In grez we normally jump in the river after bouldering. Campsite side of the bridge there's a little grassy area where it's easy to get in & out. Only been in during Easter & summer but hopefully temperature not too Baltic this time of year - and u always feel great after a cold dip. Hope ur havin a fab time.
Oh, and yes - speedos still mandatory at many pools. Me & my mate still embarrassingly own matching 10 euro speedos courtesy of Nemours pool.
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Kahti - on 16 Oct 2016
In reply to coombsy:

@1poundsocks: yes I'd figured that out thanks. Has been my go to so far but would be nice to stand under some hot water sometime.

@coombsy: yeah after tendon problems this afternoon I was tempted to sack it off and go jump in the river! Then I found a nice 6c slab to keep me occupied without hurting myself and before I knew it it was getting late. Will maybe consider the river if it's still sunny tomorrow.

Not planning on buying speedos unless absolutely necesarry so maybe campsites it is...

RR on 16 Oct 2016
In reply to Kahti:

As Coombsy says. You know the old bridge into town? On that side of the river there is a small house with public shower.
The Green Giant - on 17 Oct 2016
In reply to Kahti:

We used to just stroll into the campsites (especially La Musardiere) and use the showers. As long as you don't park directly outside, you're not in there every day, and not a big crowd all walking in at the same time, you should just be able to sneak a quick shower.
RR on 17 Oct 2016
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davidalcock - on 17 Oct 2016
In reply to Kahti:

It was just get naked under the stand tap at Cuvier thirty years ago. Doubt that's helpful.
Kahti - on 17 Oct 2016
In reply to RR:

I'm assuming the "small house" is the one with the toilets in as well? Checked on my way past today and there is another door, presumably to the shower, but it is locked. Think I'll move back round Milly side again tomorrow and maybe try and pay to use the showers at La musardiere.
RR on 17 Oct 2016
In reply to Kahti:

To bad that the house at the riverside is closed.
Mhhh, Madame Meuniere / La Musardiere might asks full amount.
I don't know if the special spot for vans in Milly la Foret hasn't a shower place?
Kahti - on 18 Oct 2016
In reply to RR:

No I think the campsites have a "camping-car service" price that let's you dump wastewater tanks use the showers and charge your leisure battery.
Unfortunately the aire at Milly only has a water tap, bins and wastewater dump. No toilets or shower. I think this is on purpose so only fully self sufficient vans stay there.
I'll be here to the end of the month, trying to camp for free but legally the whole time. I'll maybe write a blog post on my findings at the end to try and assemble all this info into one place for future people!
RR on 18 Oct 2016
In reply to Kahti:

1. Wise decision to do so.
Doing illegal things in France is risqué. Police can keep you in custody for a long time without presenting one to a judge. Par example in most other countries, you have to be heard by a judge within 2 or 3 days. In France not. I don’t say la police doesn’t do it purpose. But if they are busy then importance go first.
I remember that people climbed a fence and bathed at one of the side buildings of an international business school in Fontainebleau. Just took 3 days at the office and a small ticket.
2. Well it is nice you don’t leave waste at the parking’s. That will keep the neighbours and the village counties calm. Don't feed them.
3. La Musardière closes third week of November, I think.
Happy climbing

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