/ Suggestions for 1-2 months climbing xmas to feb.

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horner - on 16 Oct 2016
I am thinking of going away from boxing day for an extended climbing hols. I am happy for any suggestions, anywhere, as long as the weathers ok and there is a good community to meet a partner and climbing sport. I thought about India but my friend knocked the idea, lots of travelling, said there wasn't much in the way of sport and suggested El Chorro. Spain is the obvious choice and I would be quite happy to go there but also would be keen for a more adventurous ideas?
Lakesben - on 17 Oct 2016
In reply to horner:

Thailand. Specifically Tonsai (also called Krabi which is the nearest airport).

Near perfect weather - 28C everyday at that time of year
Easy to find climbing partners - I've been their on my own 5 times
Cheapish once you're there
Awesome climbing.
horner - on 18 Oct 2016
In reply to Lakesben:

Thanks for your advice. from reading around it seems like places available
(apart from Europe) are Thailand, Mexico or somewhere a bit more esoteric
like wadi rum or Oman.

Obviously the last two would be more of a experience/trad trip (of which I have very little experience) rather then getting strong sport.

Any advice on the above forementioned?
stuart jones - on 19 Oct 2016
In reply to horner:

Hi horner,
I'm heading to Chiang Mia on 28th December for 15 days, then on to Laos for a week, then I'm planning on doing some travelling around before returning home on the 4th Feb. I have emailed both the the climbing shop in Chiang Mia and Laos and both say it's easy to pick up partners when your there. Once in Thailand the internal flights are cheap so it would be easy to combine a trip to the above and Krabi (although Krabi is a bit battered these days)
If you end up in Chiang Mia I have a notice up on the partner board
dsauerbrun - on 19 Oct 2016
In reply to horner:

hey, so I've posted a link to my site here before(and I'm sorry if people are tired of me spamming, just let me know if you dont feel it's helpful), but I built www.climbcation.com for questions like these.

Just set the filter to sport, january-february, and move the map around to wherever you want to go. On each location's page, I also list the nearby locations which should help you plan a road trip if you don't want to stay in the same spot for 2 months. The site doesn't have EVERY world class destination in the world, but at 115 already listed, I think it's quite helpful. Lemme know if you've got any feedback or suggestions!
scott titt - on 19 Oct 2016
In reply to dsauerbrun:
A trip planner without Kalymnos and San Vito lo Capo (and others) is a chocolate teapot.
dsauerbrun - on 19 Oct 2016
In reply to scott titt:

Kalymnos is absolutely on there, https://www.climbcation.com/location/kalymnos I added it myself, it was one of my favorite places I've climbed at! Are you sure you didn't have any filters enabled that would filter it out? IE. choosing the months December to December would make Kalymnos not show up since it isn't a winter destination.

As for San Vito Lo Capo(and others)... I am working on adding more destinations to the site. Since I haven't been to every world class climbing destination in the world I need peoples' help. If you would like to help out by adding one(click on "Submit a new location" at the top left) it takes about 5-10 min to add a place. I would really appreciate it!

If you've got a list of places that you expected to see on the site; I have a hit list and I know that isn't complete either.

Either way, thanks for checking it out!

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