/ Wanted: women's ski touring set-up with skis around 155cm

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rashwell - on 16 Nov 2016 - user since 26/May/13
Looking for full ski touring set up- touring boots (size 4-5), bindings, skis (around 150-155cm), skins, and poles (110cm) - any or all of the above appreciated
kevin stephens - on 16 Nov 2016
In reply to rashwell:

I have for sale a pair of Scott Mission skis, (159cm) with Fritshi Eagle touring bindings, skins and ski crampons and Scarpa Denali boots (UK size 6). All in good condition. Based in Sheffield
rashwell - on 17 Nov 2016
In reply to kevin stephens:

Hi Kevin, thanks for the post. I think 159 might be just too big though. I am 158cm tall and quite new to skiing and touring so I think I should be looking for skis a little shorter than me, right?
top cat on 17 Nov 2016
In reply to rashwell:

Your skis don't know how tall you are, but they will respond to how heavy you are....................including your sack.

If you go too short, the ski camber will flatten more easily and will struggle to hold an edge in hard, icy condition [typical of much UK touring]

One way round this is to avoid female specific skis which will be softer for a given length: get the next size down in mens and you get the shorter ski but hopefully not too soft.

Have fun touring ;)
kevin stephens - on 17 Nov 2016
In reply to rashwell:

I checked, the skis are actually 158, there are a number of reviews on line including this one

it is true for downhill your weight has more impact on the ski's performance than your height, but of course your height is relevant for kick turns. I'm 163 cm so a little taller than you (but with short legs). The skis and bindings and boots were great for me took me from by first off-piste touring and when my piste level was early intermediate, up to being advanced level. I now have bigger off-piste and touring skis, also moving to pin bindings hence the sale

I'm looking for a quick sale so £300 for the set, or £250 excluding the boots which will probably be too small for you.

I will be advertising them soon on a Premier Post, they are ideal doe anyone getting into ski touring and especially suited to Scotland
rashwell - on 28 Nov 2016
In reply to kevin stephens:

Hi Kevin, are these still going? What size are the bindings? I have bought Dynafit neo boots MP 23.5 so would need to fit that.. And can you send some pics? Cheers
Nick Wallis on 28 Nov 2016
In reply to rashwell:

Hi, I've got a pair of Hagan Synchro touring skis, 163cm, brand new and never used! No bindings, so skis have never even been drilled. I think the length would be fine for you.

73mm under foot, would be a very good all round ski to get you into skiing I think.

You can have them for £100 before they go on Ebay ......

Based in Sheffield, cheers Nick.

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