/ Looking for QMDs this winter?

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steve7734 - on 16 Nov 2016
So.. I'm hoping to do my Winter ML training at the end of the season, but before that I still need to rack up some more QMDs.

If anyone is keen to get more Winter QMDs and practice your nav & skills - or just stomp around in the white stuff for no particular reason - it would be good to hear from you.

I'm based in Glasgow. Have flexible working so I'm not only confined to weekends. I can drive, but unfortunately don't have a car right now.

skipper64 - on 17 Nov 2016
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I am based west cumbria always keen to get up to highlands in winter. Have winter climbing experience ski mountaineering etc but not too much recently. Would be good to get some full on winter hill days and firm up nav skills. Done the summer ML course but never got round to the test as have job but always keen to practice. Can do occasional weekdays don't mind winter camping and roughing it now and then. email if interested mikep64@btinternet.com
atthedropofahat on 18 Nov 2016
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Hi Steve.

Im looking to get more QMDs. Ive done summer ML training and have reasonable experience. Id be up for longer integrated days with a grade I or II route thrown in.
dan_the_dingo - on 18 Nov 2016
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Hi Steve,
In a similar boat, looking to do the assessment this winter, have enough logbook days, just need to get my head in full WML mode so I'll be out as much as is feasibly possible.
Also in Glasgow - Rutherglen/Burnside.
Iggy_B - on 19 Nov 2016
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I'm also going for assessment this season and will be living a nomadic Scottish existence with a car and a SYHA card from Boxing Day until the end of March. If anyone wants to get out I'd be more than happy for some company!
MSD - on 25 Nov 2016
Hi all,

I'll be up in Scotland for much of this coming season and also prepping for my WML assessment and keen to get out.
Have you seen the "Scotland Winter ML 2017" FB group? It's got quite a few like-minded members and I've just stuck a post up there looking for partners over different weeks. Otherwise, feel free to PM me and be great to meet up for some practise.


Andywalters - on 25 Nov 2016
Not able to get out until after Xmas and due to living in Manchester it won't be very frequently but I'll drop you all a message nearer the time if its OK see if anyone wants to get out.

Have a week in feb 18th to 22nd ish if that's not to late.

fizzicist - on 26 Nov 2016
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ME TOO! And based in Glasgow as well!! Im looking to end this season with a winter ML training worthy logbook but im not 100% sure ill be allowed to do the training in the spring but im pretending like I am so want to get the days in. I dont have a normal job (I have several weird smaller ones!) so im free a lot during the week as well for going out

Give me a shout if you need a buddy
Sowerby Sam - on 03 Dec 2016
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I'm new to winter mountaineering. Habe done SML training in October. Would be keen to partner up with more experienced or like minded people.

jamesfrome - on 04 Dec 2016
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Heading up to Cairngorms 12th - 18th February for some winter walking.

Have the SML award and have done about 7 days in UK winter as well as some high altitude mountaineering (up to 6500m).

If anyone wants to do some stuff over that week let me know. I will be based in Newtonmore below Aviemore and will head out one day at a time (no camping as have a air bnb rental).


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