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John Aisthorpe - on 17 Nov 2016
We are planning a Bouldering trip to Font in may for 15 people (part of a climbing club). We are thinking to fly from Edinburgh to Paris or, if possible, take a minibus (maybe a bit of both and pick some up at the airport in Paris). Im not sure if we are allowed to take a hire minibus abroad or even drive one on our licenses. While we are there we were planning to stay in a gite (a few of us may camp if there's not enough room). If anyone has any info it would be much appreciated! especially on travel when we get there?
James Gilbert on 18 Nov 2016
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In France the largest minibus you can drive with an ordinary licence is a 9-seater, it shouldn't make any difference if it's a UK licence. I'd imagine the car hire places at the airport can provide a minibus, but it won't be cheap...
Si dH - on 18 Nov 2016
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Take two minibuses so you can fit pads in the spare half of the second one?
You certainly need to allow room for lots of pads if there are 15 of you going.
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If it's a university club, you're not usually allowed to take minibuses out of the UK. I'd check that first.
John Aisthorpe - on 29 Nov 2016
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Thanks for the tips! We are booking ten flights and the other 5 of us are planning to take a 15/16 seat minibus from Edinburgh with a bunch of bouldering mats in. The plan is to take a cheap ferry at 2am. One of us is 22 and is planning to do his D1 test before we go so he can drive the minibus in france (if we cant get insurance through Uni it might be quite pricey). Found a Place on Airbnb that is big enough but is quite pricey(16 of us need accomodation- a few of us are happy to camp).
teapot - on 17 Dec 2016
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Check whether you need a taco in the mini bus. This is an issue I have had taking school trips to Font for the last few years.

We were told by our transport office that we could only drive with a taco and only one of our mini buses had a taco. There are strict limits on driving and rest and the journey starts from wherever you leave from.

Plus licenses after a certain date don't cover you for minibuses- mine is ok, but I got my license in 1995. This has proven a problem for me in terms of getting other drivers.

My school has just purchased a 9 seater transit with massive storage at the back which solves all the above problems, but obviously limits seats. Plus it's not speed limited.

Trangia on 17 Dec 2016
In reply to teapot:
The taco is a good point. We had the same problem when we hired a mini bus to drive to Font for a club trip. Because of the taco hours we needed two drivers.

To the OP. We've tried all sorts getting to and from Font from trains (including shared taxis from Font Station to Millett - walk from there!), taking cycles on the train,mini bus hire and private cars, and the latter has always come out tops in terms of convenience and price. Although it's nice to travel as a group it takes a lot of organising and isn't necessarily the cheapest or most convenient option. Our club now tends to block book the camp site and and let individual members make their own travel arrangements, mostly sharing with car owners. I've never looked into the possibility of hiring a car at Font station, but might be worth considering, although Paris would have more choice.

I've never tried the Boulder Bus. Does it still run? If so, maybe they might do a special run for a club?
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Trangia on 18 Dec 2016
In reply to John Aisthorpe:

It seems to still operate.


Might be worth contacting them to see if they do a group booking?

Good luck

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