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petegunn on 20 Nov 2016
Has anyone walked/run the round that takes in 6 of the biggest hills, Bloodybush Edge, Comb Fell, Cushat Law, Hedgehope Hill, The Cheviot and Windy Gyle or has some experience of walking in the area?

I am looking at doing this round as a fell run as it comes in at just under 40km.
Was wondering what its like underfoot? Stoney, flat trails etc. I know some areas are rather boggy.
Any reliable clean water sources?
Any info welcome
Many thanks

pass and peak - on 20 Nov 2016
In reply to petegunn:

Cheviot to Windy Gyle is mostly on flags as it the Pennine way, after that its 85% peat bog sinking sometimes up to your knees. Best time to walk it is when its -5 and frozen solid and you can walk over the top! Today might have worked actually! Usway and Harthope Burn are OK'ish for water unless after rain, depends on your definition of clean! Steep parts of Hedgehope and Cheviot are OK but like I say anywhere flat is a bog. Your route sounds like somewhere you would take the wife if in the middle of a messy divorce. Mind you at least I can say "see I'm not the only one who's been there"
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I am not certain of the names of the peaks but this sounds remarkably like the route of the Cheviot2000 fell race. Conditions are a bit of everything, from deep bog to huge slabs laid to make a track.
pass and peak - on 20 Nov 2016
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Just found this, it would seam your right! http://www.longeatonrunningclub.com/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1396
petegunn on 21 Nov 2016
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Thanks for all your replies, this thurs/ Fri looks ideal, crisp, dry, sunny and frozen!
pass and peak - on 23 Nov 2016
In reply to petegunn:

Just to give you an update, looks like there's a fair bit of snow on Cheviot and upper part of Hedgehope, can't see very top, in cloud I'm afraid! You might want to give it a couple of nights to freeze a bit harder!

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