/ Partner for El Chorro - 26.11-04.12

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8dreams - on 22 Nov 2016
Kind of a late call but still - I will be alone in El Chorro from this weekend until the next one (until 4th of Dec) and looking for somebody to climb with. My current climbing level is around 7b-7c but as long as one is confident belaying I will be happy to climb with anybody no matter what he wants to climb/project.
L Endre - on 25 Nov 2016
In reply to 8dreams:

I'm going to be in El Chorro for the period 30.11 to 12.12 (I will be staying at The Olive Branch).

So if you are still searching for a climbing partner when I arrive, I would gladly join you.

A little bit about me:
My name is Endre, I'm 28 years and from Norway.
I've been climbing for about 4 years. My red point level is around 7b+ (5.12c).
For the trip, my goal will be to try to do 7a (5.11d) onsights and thereafter red point if the route is worth it.

8a username: Endre Verden (https://goo.gl/U5f5xc)

jackob - on 25 Nov 2016
In reply to Endre: hey im not there but i just got back from a solo trip to el chorro and all i can say is dont worry about finding partners theres loads of people wanting to clikb there but if you are really struggling just talk to the staff in the olive branch, a lad called misha and a girl called hannah both climb around your level and they are great guys 😊

L Endre - on 26 Nov 2016
In reply to jackob:

That sounds great!
Looking forward to my trip

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