/ Who is Barry Bennell?

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Jim C - on 26 Nov 2016

This is a new name to me ( probably because it's related to football)

But now as I read more about this, it appears that there is a prediction that this scandal will spread from Football, to other sports that rely on 'nurturing' young talent, and that attracts these kinds of people.

Can we really be sure this is all in the past , and that current procedures to protect young people in sport do just that?
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Kevster - on 26 Nov 2016
In reply to Jim C:

You're never going to eradicate this sort of thing entirely.
The New NickB - on 26 Nov 2016
In reply to Jim C:

No reason why you should of heard of him. It's an issue in any activity that has access to young people. It's why we have, admittedly imperfect systems, like DBS.
marsbar - on 26 Nov 2016
In reply to Kevster:
These days kids don't have sleepovers at adults houses like that. No adult is generally left alone with a child for any length of time, or be behind closed doors with a child. Giving a child a lift home isn't something that is done without a witness. People keep a closer eye on coaching relationships. Any sports clubs with junior members will have a safeguarding officer who will have done basic training.

No system is perfect, but there have been massive changes in attitude and practices since the 1980s.

DBS checks have their place, but only show those who have been caught. Plenty of abusers haven't been caught. Others, like the Soham murderer manage to change name and get through, although changes were made to make it harder.

Children these days are taught at school age appropriate ways to look after themselves, and ways to deal with difficult situations. Even a pre school child can understand the pants rule.

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