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mbd on 27 Nov 2016
Hi All

I'm aiming to do the Paddy Buckley round next year (date dependant on weather - late June most likely). I'm a sub-12 hour 50 mile ultra trail runner amongst other things. I'm familiar with pretty-much all of the route, having been over most of it many times. My target time for the whole route is somewhere between 20 and 23 hours. But what I dont have is partner(s). While I could have posted this in the Lifts/Partners section I thought it might be better here. If you are keen to do the route yourself and want to team up for recce's and/or attempt the whole thing together, please let me know.

Roadrunner5 - on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to mbd: is post on the fellrunners forum, long distance challenges sub forum. Normally plenty will get involved..

cpbarnes - on 31 Dec 2016
In reply to mbd:
I have same target for next year. I'd be interested in linking up for recces etc. I'm based on the Wirral. Email probably best contact. Cheers. Chris
Ste Brom - on 16 Jan 2017
In reply to cpbarnes:

Ditto, Wirral based, if you fancy a recce or two, drop me a line.

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