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badmarmot - on 29 Nov 2016

going to Kalymnos for a month next April/May I am looking for recommendations for accommodation for two people

ideally quite area, but not to far from the shops, cool if they do a deal for longer stays.

many thanks in advance

flash13 - on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to badmarmot:

I would recommend Aggelos studios the owner is amazing. It's out of massouri and closee to the biggest supermarket and some restaurants.

When we arrived in 2015 she bought us breakfast as she knew we had nothing then took us shopping in her car. She also dropped us to the ferry on our return. If you read reviews they all talk about noma.

Her email is nomadel1@otenet.gr
badmarmot - on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to flash13:

thanks Flash

great feed back about the place will drop her a line.

Scott K - on 30 Nov 2016
In reply to badmarmot:

Hotel Philoxenia is great. Family run and Nicolas speaks excellent English. Give them a shout and I'm sure they could do a deal for you. They are well situated under Grande Grotta so easy to walk to a lot of crags. They are on facebook if you use it. Very jealous of you - it will be lovely at that time!!
JHiley on 30 Nov 2016
In reply to badmarmot:

Hi, Have stayed in a few and I think Lambrinos is the best one overall. They have big, well looked after rooms, a friendly owner and are right next to the Poets approach. They are behind the ice cream shop and Mike's Bikes and close to a café/ sandwich shop. There is a bit more of a walk to the shops than some places but it's still not much.

My favourite for two people is Koralli which is in the centre of town a little way down the path to the beach which is next to the ATM and directly opposite a good shop. Again, the rooms are well looked after but are a bit smaller although for two people it's fine. The owner Niki is even friendlier. It's probably not really in a quiet location and with the window open you can sometimes hear the restaurant next door playing ultra stereotypical music but I never had a problem with noise.
badmarmot - on 30 Nov 2016
In reply to badmarmot:

Hi all
thanks for the info really appreciate it,
Currently climbing at Seynes for a few days will check out some of your ideas we home,
We might be sold on the one near the ice cream shop, have popped in there a few times.
Thanks again
Stairclimber - on 01 Dec 2016
In reply to badmarmot:

Great snow on the shady side of the Lautaret today. Talk more about Kalymnos when you get back, but it might be useful to get some info from folks who have stayed on Telendos or one of the apartments along the road below Ghost Kitchen.
badmarmot - on 01 Dec 2016
In reply to Stairclimber:

Hi mate

Shall be good to get home for some skiing it been very hot at Seynes great climbing turfa routes, just not kalymnos grading, good plan about Telendos would be good to get advice about tha maybe another post.
See you soon

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