/ UKC Winter Conditions Reports - Ben Nevis 04/01/17

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Mike Pescod - on 04 Jan 2017
With no snowfall in the last week and a couple of thaw days not much has changed on Ben Nevis.

There's a couple of icy climbs to enjoy at the moment. Number Two Gully had a few ascents today and Gardyloo Gully has been climbed recently but at about grade IV which is normal for early season lean conditions. There are a few other ice pitches that you can seek out as well but not that much really. Green Gully for example has a few blobs of ice and a couple of tiny snow patches but that's all.

The big grade I gullies are all easy and not corniced.

Verglas is on a lot of the rocks including the great ridges. There was one team on Gargoyle Wall today which was verglased but not well rimed up at all.

We could do with some more snow please!

Tricadam on 07 Jan 2017
In reply to Mike Pescod:

Was up Number 2 today which was excellent, probably thanks to last night being so clear: lots of nice chewy ice. Unfortunately temps just above zero and the route was in the cloud latterly so it's all slowly melting up there and will continue to do so tomorrow by the look of the forecast. Fortunately freeze and snow coming on Monday, but with most of the mountain black, it's generally going to take a while.

In terms of other lines, Raeburn's Easy Route looked doable from a distance, but the ice step is probably getting a bit thin. Didn't get a closer look as the cloud came in as I got nearer the bottom of Number 2. I met two guys who'd retreated from Gardyloo Gully, having found the main pitch thin and falling down. Other than that, nowt but the grade I gullies at the moment.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.