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Jandwilson - on 05 Jan 2017

Was wondering if anyone was in the Aviemore area to partner with?
I'm currently with another climber, who's done loads of ice climbing but no mixed climbing like here. Its my first time doing winter climbing, we did a few grade one gullies today. They were pretty lean (we did Alladins coulior and Alladins mirror) so not sure if they were quite grade I.
Pretty much we are looking for someone that has a bit more experience to share with us!

SamP88 - on 08 Jan 2017
In reply to TheBigFactHunt:

Hi! I'm looking for people to climb with in the Aviemore area too. Are you based up near by? I've just moved to the area. I can't offer a great deal more winter experience than you have at present. I've done a few routes in the North Corries now including aladdin's colouir. I've done a couple of roped winter routes II/III, but far more summer trad mostly single, but also multi pitch. I take it you're also a summer climber too?

I'm a potentially a bit torn as I am working towards my BASI level 1, so when the snow hopefully returns that is my priority... but whilst it's so lean I'm keen to get out winter climbing, hopefully next weekend will be colder than this one just finishing!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.