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How to configure a speed climbing route for your climbing facility.

Speed Climbing. It might not be a traditional offering at indoor climbing venues, but we’re sure this situation is set to change speedily (ahem…) with the inclusion of climbing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Rather than current competition formats where climbers generally focus on one discipline, climbing as an Olympic sport will require athletes to compete in ALL three disciplines of speed, lead and boulder - a situation we think will lead to a paradigm shift in the way indoor climbing venues are configured in order to allow for the inclusion of a speed climbing element.

If you’re looking to add a speed climbing route to your climbing facility, checking out the IFSC Speed License Rules HERE https://www.ifsc-climbing.org/images/about-ifsc/Speed_Project/140429_SDSpeedLicenseRules4.1-correcte... is a great starting point. Even if you don’t think it is possible to configure your facility to exact specifications, you’ll still find plenty of useful information regarding setting up a route as best you can within the limitations of your current building design.

IFSC certified speed climbing hold sets manufactured by HRT for both 10m and 15m speed routes are available from us here at Beacon - You can find the Speed Route sets at the very bottom of the HRT Holds tab if you download our PRICE LIST https://www.beaconclimbingholds.com/wp-content/uploads/Beacon-Order-Sheet.xls


All climbing holds available through Beacon Climbing are available in a choice of 14 colours (volumes are available in 16 colours) and are manufactured on a per order basis meaning that there are no limitations on stock availability or colour choice. Please download our price list to create your own quote.

We also offer discounts of up to 30% on normal retail prices subject to total order spends.

Spend over £250* - 20% discount
Spend over £500* - 25% discount
Spend over £1000* - 30% discount

*Discount entitlements are based on total order spend on climbing holds and volumes excluding VAT and shipping charges.

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