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Dan.Tersmette - on 10 Jan 2017
Hello all,

I am planning a holiday to the Scottish highlands (visiting from canada). We are wanting to do some bouldering as part of the trip and are looking for some recommendations as to the best spots to go bouldering?

Any advice is appreciated!

CurlyStevo - on 10 Jan 2017
In reply to Dan.Tersmette:
What time of year do you plan to come? Just asking as by mid june at many of the best bouldering spots there are likely to be a lot of midgies.

this could give you some ideas:

Generally the highlands isn't as good for easy access bouldering as you'd think. The most concentrated area in northern Britain for established bouldering routes is probably Northumberland in England.

In the highlands I'm guessing its torridon area.
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petegunn on 10 Jan 2017
In reply to Dan.Tersmette:
Torridon Celtic Jumble a good selection of problems on superb sandstone. Plus free camping with toilets and showers.

Kishorn Boulders a smaller area with easier grade of problems.

As Curlysteve recommended see if you can get a copy of the guide

As a bonus these two areas are roadside.

If flying into Glasgow you could maybe have a day at Dumbarton.
Though a bit different to the highland experience!
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scragrock - on 10 Jan 2017
In reply to Dan.Tersmette:

Ruthven, Brin {close to Inverness}
Cummingston, Primrose Bay{Moray Coast}

Torridon{West Coast}
Reiff and Reiff in the Woods{North West Coast}

Sheigra{About as Far north west as you get}

All of these areas are on UKC but the local guide is handy.

If in any doubt give me a shout on-

Hope this helps
Hamfunk - on 11 Jan 2017
In reply to Dan.Tersmette:

New bouldering in Scotland guide is currently due for release in February which is probably a good start for a visiting climber.

As others have said there are more detailed guides and topos for specific areas going about. Torridon and Dumbarton in particular have dedicated guide books you can pick up online or in some outdoor shops.

This is a useful resource with a couple of topos https://sites.google.com/site/boulderscotland/home
And to a lesser extent there is some useful beta on here (site now frozen, no longer updated) https://www.scottishclimbs.com/wiki/Guides

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