/ Helvellyn YHA parking?

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JDC - on 11 Jan 2017
It's years since I've been up Helvellyn, and you used to be able to park on the road up by the Youth Hostel during the winter. Is this still the case (assuming you get there early enough)?
Many thanks
richlan - on 11 Jan 2017
In reply to James Coulson:

Well its a private road and technically only for the YHA, camping barn and ski club, will you get towed, unlikely, will you have somebody moaning at you if they see you parking there, likely......
Pedro50 on 11 Jan 2017
In reply to James Coulson:

Please park in the official car park, pay and enhance the local economy. They had a good all day deal recently to encourage visitors post flood(s)
JDC - on 11 Jan 2017
In reply to Pedro50:

Whilst I support the sentiment, this isn't about money. I'm in the Lakes most weeks with work and I have put many thousands of pounds back into the local economy since the floods. I have no problem paying a few quid in parking fees. However, the issue is one of time, or shortage of, and we're trying to avoid the slog up the tarmac from Glenridding (I'm aware other routes exist!).
brianjcooper on 11 Jan 2017
In reply to James Coulson:

I remember driving up the road to the YHA as being scary in the Summer, let alone in the Winter!
AndrewHuddart - on 11 Jan 2017
In reply to James Coulson:

The national park have been logging the reg numbers of people marking up there without permission (YHA, Ski club etc). Not sure what they're doing with the data but I'd walk it up from the village, it's not that far. There's free parking around the car park anyway so you don't need to spend money to be there.
Rick Graham on 11 Jan 2017
In reply to AndrewHuddart:

I drove up a few times last March. After a careful reading of the signs, my understanding of the wording was that it was designed to discourage driving up rather than saying it was not allowed.
IIRC defined areas for some user parking but available slots for other folk ( about 10 )

I also vaguely recall that an agreement was made ( possibly by local BMC meetings about 20 years ago ) to allow parking for winter climbers.
This may have been forgotten about by newer NP officials.
wercat on 12 Jan 2017
In reply to James Coulson:
I've passed through a couple of times in the last month and on both occasions there were no vehicles parked - don't know whether a harder line has been taken, as I think the hostel is closed at the moment (lots of old bedding has been thrown out and was waiting for collection).

The last occasion was a week ago on a lovely day with lots of folk about - I'd expected to see some cars parked.
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AndrewHuddart - on 12 Jan 2017
In reply to Rick Graham:

The Lake District ski club Facebook feed has pretty solid views... Looks like the LDNP don't own the carpark any more so the previous deal on winter climbing is probably out of the window.


From which I quote:

Car parking at the top of the Greenside Road is strictly for members only. If you do not have a car parking sticker and have not filed your vehicle registration number on our database you are committing a criminal offence if you drive on the Greenside bridleway.

You must park ONLY in the marked areas on the map above – other areas are set aside for other users. The Lake District National Park Authority is starting a database of vehicles which appear to be illegally parked and they may take action.

You must also observe the 5mph speed restriction to minimise damage to the road surface and ensure safety for walkers and other users.

Non-members can park for free in winter on the ‘D’ (the loop from and back to the A592 at Glenridding) and hitch a lift up to the mines with passing members. Put a post up on our Facebook page to tell folks you’ll be there.

Only members who pay by direct debit before 1st October preceding the season will have their passes posted to them, so others must park on the ‘D’ until they have picked up their pass.

Ownership of our car main park has been transferred from the Lake District National Park to the Chance for Change hostel (the one right by the car park) and they are now our landlords under a new licensing arrangement.

It is vital that we all adhere to these rules to ensure good relations with our neighbours and our continued use of these valuable facilities. We pay an annual rent for car parking from your membership fee and we also organise work parties during the summer months to maintain the track up to the mines.

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