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Roberttaylor - on 13 Jan 2017
My current plan for April is to fly Aberdeen-Oslo on the 10th, spend 12 days in Norway (most of that time crossing Hardangervidda from Finse to Rjukan) and fly back.

A few questions for people who have done similar things:

I've borrowed a pulk, should I invest in a dedicated pulk-harness or improvise with an old comfy mountaineering harness and some straps for the shoulders?

Flying a pulk out/back...I was going to load if with my kit, put a foam mat on the bottom to protect it then wrap the lot in duct tape and binbags. Thoughts? It seems as though this will still be within the max size for carriage.

Finally, getting hold of fuel out there. Time will be fairly tight as I want to fly there and jump on a train straight to Finse. Is there somewhere convenient for me to buy petrol between the airport and the train station? Alternatively, I could order some coleman fuel or similar (I'm taking a MSR XGK), does anyone know if the Norwegian postal service would deliver to the Finsehytte (assuming they are willing to receive and hold it for me).

Any other ideas/thoughts that I might find useful are very welcome. I'm hoping to finish my crossing at Rjukan then get a bus back to Oslo, take the train to somewhere else on the Oslo-Bergen line that has good access to the plateau and a DNT hut then spend the remainder of my holiday skiing without the pulk. I wouldn't mind having one day in Oslo at the end so if anyone lives there and wants to show me around that would be fun.

Niblet on 13 Jan 2017
In reply to Roberttaylor:
There are 2-3 outdoor shops within a block of the train station where you can buy fuel.

I've never skied with a pulk, but looking at a harness http://www.outnorth.se/fjellpulken/sele-med-kryssremmar it seems that the shoulder straps are only to help with putting the weight on your shoulders as the attachments to the pulk straps are on the waist harness, so at a guess something homemade should work. Otherwise the dedicated harness looks to be around 70 pounds.

While you're in Oslo I recommend the Vigeland statue park, pretty cool stuff.
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