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emmafizzle - on 17 Jan 2017
Hi everyone! Headed to Costa Blanca in 2 weeks and looking to do a scramble/ridge walk just to mix it up a bit. There are soooo many looking online- wondering if anyone has had a go- Which would you recommend? I'm a competent climber (bouldering and single pitch sport) and my partner is also a climber (much better than me ha) but I've never done a hike like this. Thanks

Nevis-the-cat - on 17 Jan 2017
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Here you go.


I did a couple of the ridges with Mark (and Rich ) when he was writing the guide - should have all you need in the guide / app.
Mark Eddy - on 17 Jan 2017
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Hi Emmie,

You're right, the Costa Blanca has plenty great ridges, we keep finding more and more.

We compiled a list with info on our website, this may be helpful for you:

One to be recommended in particular is the Crest of Benicadell. It's surprisingly easy to get to be car, the walk in is easy and much of it is gently downhill, and the scrambling finishes on a high mountain summit.

However, if you're staying further south and don't want the extra drive, go for the Bernia ridge. It's described fully in the Rockfax guide. Unless you're bothered about reaching a summit, i recommend descending north from the ridge after the visitors book col. Makes for a shorter but more fun day.

If you want any specific info about it, or any other ridges, get in touch anytime.

Hope you have a great time.

emmafizzle - on 17 Jan 2017
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Awesome. Thanks so much. Good to have a starting point
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Sam Mayfield - on 19 Jan 2017
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Emma, you are at the right place staying at Orange House so just go grab Rich and have a natter with him!

Quite a few new ones now that are not in the miniguide that Rockfax did!

Sam Orange

PS I arrive on Sunday are you guys there yet?
emmafizzle - on 27 Jan 2017
In reply to Sam Mayfield:
Yeah after having a look round I realised this! So excited to explore!
Sam is there now, I fly out in the morning

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