/ Summer hiking boots - cheap and whatever?

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PPP - on 06 May 2017
I had multiple pairs of summer boots over last few years.

The last boots I got lasted me a year. Adidas Terrex *whatever* for £70ish. Super comfy, no blisters, waterproof and I had no complaints at all. They're still somewhat waterproof, but wetting out now a bit, shoelaces scream for a replacement and the sole is getting worn out. Though it's Stealth rubber with lower lugs, so super grippy in dry conditions and I expected the sole to wear out quicker.

Just ordered in Columbia *whatever* with OutDry membrane for £51. I hope they'll last another year or so and then I will replace them again. I don't care how they are stitched, what cool features they got, etc. Summer boots are not as demanding, they get a lot more abuse than winter boots and I haven't noticed a difference between different pairs.

Am I the only one who can't be bothered with spending £150-200 for summer hiking boots?
Si_G - on 06 May 2017
In reply to PPP:

My biggest thing is I hate Goretex/membranes in warm, dry weather
Difficult to find the correct balance of sole stiffness and support vs comfort.
All the "walking" shoes tend to be clumpy and sweaty, but fell running shoes are too flimsy and bendy.
girlymonkey - on 06 May 2017
In reply to PPP:

I have almost stopped wearing boots in summer. I have picked up some Addidas terrex fell shoes with a fairly stiff sole for this season. They are great and were reduced to £45.
I agree with SiGregory about goretex, but it is almost unavoidable these days I get hideous athletes foot with it, but just have to put up with it and keep treating my feet. The other option is a very limited selection of shoes which gives limited choice of shapes for awkward feet! Lol
Y Gribin - on 07 May 2017
In reply to PPP:

> Am I the only one who can't be bothered with spending £150-200 for summer hiking boots?

If I understand you, you're planning to keep spending £50-70/yr on boots? My £200 posh, summer boots last me 4-5yrs of good use, at a minimum, so you might be making a false economy?
ChrisH89 - on 15 May 2017
In reply to PPP:

I also use fell running shoes for most things in dry summer weather, only getting the boots out for long days in boggy Scottish terrain and wet weather. They're way more comfortable, cheaper, lighter and even if they get wet they dry super quickly. Also help to strengthen your ankles as long as you're careful with your feet and don't roll over on one. When I do use boots I wear a pair of Scarpas that cost £160 initially but have already done two years fairly heavy service without any sign of losing any performance whatsoever, so I'd say those cheaper boots represent pretty poor value for money in comparison...
ceri - on 15 May 2017
In reply to PPP:
If it's dry in summer I will wear trainers/ fell shoes. My new pair of walking boots cost me the best part of £200 (maybe 18 months ago now), but I hope they will last the 10 years my previous pair of Karrimor KSBs did...
nniff - on 15 May 2017
In reply to PPP:

Proper boots all the way for me - Meindl Borneo - leather lined, no Goretex and a tough sole. They get worn every day for dog walking, plus cragging. Should last me ten years, like the last pair. Should work out at £20/year therefore. Two months in, they're fairly well broken in so that my foot now 'slots in', as opposed to me 'putting a boot on'.

I loathe sweaty Goretex footwear. If someone shows me a Goretex-lined leather boot, my immediate question is 'What's wrong with the leather?'.

I don't need 'super-grippy' soles on walking boots - I need something that will stand up to some battering.

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