/ Torbay Area - 12th to 19th June

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Rock_Lizard_3 on 09 May 2017
Hi all,

I will be in the Torbay Are between 12th and 19th June and looking to do a bit of climbing.

If anyone is keen to join me then that would be great. I was looking at doing some Trad in the Torbay area (maybe the classic HVS Moonraker!)

Also a bit of deep water solo if people are keen. Some friends are joining on the weekend so you are welcome to join us for a beer/ glass of wine or whatever you like to drink.

About me: I am 27 and I have been climbing for a few years now. I have a rack and may have ropes by then, but if you have some that would be awesome. I am driving there from Manchester so happy to give a lift to you if it's on the way.


Graeme Hammond - on 09 May 2017
In reply to Rock_Lizard_3:
Moonraker and the DWS on Berry Head is bird banned on those dates see the ukc crag entry or BMC rad database but this is taken from UKC:

BIRD BAN MARCH 1st TO JULY 31st. nb. the start date is now earlier than that published in the 1995 South Devon & Dartmoor Guide. There is a £1,000 fine for breaking this, and a camera monitors the cliff, so don't hope.

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Sean Kelly - on 09 May 2017
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However Anstey's, Long Quarry Point, Telegraph Hole, Meadfoot and Red Walls are all OK with no bird ban and lots of excellent climbing, both trad (some quite bold) and sport.
Weather for 12th, 13th & 14th looks decidedly wet!
Oh! I nearly forgot Daddyhole, both Upper and Lower crags.
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Rock_Lizard_3 on 14 May 2017
In reply to Rock_Lizard_3:

Great thanks guys.

Are either of you about on those dates and keen to climb?
Rock to Fakey - on 17 May 2017
In reply to Rock_Lizard_3:

Hi, I'm available for 1 or more of those days, will try let you know which a week or so before, but more likely a few days in advance, if you are still free by then.

I only have a single rope at the mo, but should definitely have a new half by then.
I presume you are buying 1 or 2 half ropes?

Upto Vs leading, possibly hvs, possibly try 2nd e1 ish.
Rock_Lizard_3 on 21 May 2017
In reply to Rock to Fakey:

Hi Fakey,

Unfortunately due to work I have had to push this a week forward, so 19th June to 23rd.

Would you be free during that time for a spot of climbing?

Can you email/ call/ text me please as I pick those up more quickly.


Rock to Fakey - on 03 Jun 2017
In reply to Rock_Lizard_3:

Give us a reminder when yr down, cheers.

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