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WilliamRupp - on 13 May 2017
Has anybody had any experience of climbing in Morocco in june? And if so where you climbed.
Wildabeast - on 14 May 2017
In reply to WilliamRupp:

We climbed the Anti-Atlas it in March this year and in the height of the sun it was approaching very hot especially if there was no breeze/shade.

Apart from that the rock is very agreeable, loads of pro and if you keep to the popular routes it is not as loose as people have reported. The real gems are quite a drive from the main road and with long walk in, they have an amazing remote feel to the routes.

Steve Broadbent - on 16 May 2017
In reply to WilliamRupp:

You might find more shade in Todra than the Anti-Atlas... but either way it's going to be hot in the sun.

Not sure what the bouldering in Oukaimeden is like at that time of year? Might be worth a look.
discosucks - on 16 May 2017
In reply to WilliamRupp:

I was there in October and on certain days it was just below too hot to climb , I would say that June would be melting hot haha!!

But I'm from the west coast of Ireland and have zero tolerance to heat, so you may actually like that
andrew ogilvie - on 16 May 2017
In reply to WilliamRupp:
In February 2012 in Marrakech it felt like a pleasant sunny summer's day here in Glasgow.
We arrived in Morocco again in June 2013. The temperature at menara airport in Marrakech was 41C in the shade and getting off the plane felt like stepping under a grill. To be fair it was a dry heat, and bearable, but hot it most certainly was and hot overnight too even in Asni at about 1000m (?) At altitude on Toubkal it was still very,very hot by UK standards and the potential for sunburn very high...I had my foot outside my tent for about 10 minutes and it really burnt ( I'm pretty pale though).
I'd be looking for shade, early morning and probably shortish routes or bouldering. Long sleeves, long trousers.
Or go at a different time of year.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.