/ Car stolen in Devon...full of climbing gear.

tomrainbow - on 13 May 2017
Had my car nicked today from the parking at Churston. Unfortunately it was full of climbing gear. If anyone becomes aware of climbing gear (approx 25 quickdraws(some brand new Black Diamonds), rope/rope bag, boots (Evolve Shamans and Nexxos), Grivel bouldering pad) appearing on Gumtree or Ebay in the South Devon area, could you please let me know.

Wood for Trees on 14 May 2017
In reply to tomrainbow:

awful, will keep an eye out.
tomrainbow - on 14 May 2017
In reply to Wood for Trees: Thanks.

Chris Ebbutt - on 14 May 2017
In reply to tomrainbow:

Sorry to hear you got car and gear stolen, pretty rare occurrence in the Bay normally. I have shared this with the SDMC to try and spread the word about gear for sale. What was the car? Where were you parked?
Good chance if it comes up for sale in Devon someone will be aware of this , it's a small world.
Don't let it put you off your great route creation escapades at Churston. Hoping you get Everything back ok
tomrainbow - on 14 May 2017
In reply to Chris Ebbutt:
Thanks Chris. I had parked at the bottom of the herring bone parking next to Battery Gardens. My car was/is a red Citroen C1. The odd thing is that it was taken at 9am on a Saturday morning. Also had my card wallet in it, just to add insult to injury!
foinhaven - on 14 May 2017
In reply to tomrainbow:

So sorry to hear that mate. Try the pawn shops as well. Hope you get a result.
Jim C - on 14 May 2017
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Sorry to hear that I think we are all going to have one of those smart phone TrackR discs secreted away in our valued items, cars are an obvious item.
scope on 14 May 2017
In reply to tomrainbow:

Shared with other climbers locally. If anyone is daft enough to try to sell the kit in Devon, it will hopefully be noticed.
tomrainbow - on 15 May 2017
In reply to scope: Thanks. To be honest I am struggling to understand the mentality of anyone who would do this anyway, so I guess they could be daft enough....fingers crossed.

The rope was a yellow 60m DMM sports rope in a Moon camouflage style rope bag. It was in pretty good condition.

Rock to Fakey - on 15 May 2017
In reply to tomrainbow:

Really awful.
Out of curiosity, Was gear visible?
Was it locked? Steering lock / immobiliser etc?
Just wondering how much trouble they may have gone to.?
Kevster - on 15 May 2017
In reply to Rock to Fakey:

Did it have keyless ignition?
I know of a few cars which have been stolen by having their keyless signal cloned. Also know 2 vans which have had their contents stolen the same way.
Either keys left near the front door, or just using them near the equipment used to clone is enough.
This sort of entry I think is on the rise, good luck to the op with recovery. Having your kit nicked sucks
tomrainbow - on 15 May 2017
In reply to Kevster:

It had an old school key (car was from 09)...I guess I either dropped it as I was leaving the car or it was lifted out of my rucksack whilst I was cleaning the line (I put the contents of my pockets in my rucksack before abbing but didn't notice whether I had my keys or not). Either way it wasn't good as the thief had my house key and my address (from my licence). Changed the locks. What a hassle!

Gear was out of sight but boulder pads were on back seat. Bet they didn't have a clue what they were.