/ How dry are the high Scottish mountain crags?

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JackM92 - on 15 May 2017
Thinking of heading up to Scotland in June, wondering if anyone knows how much snow is remaining (if any after the warm winter!) on the high mountain crags e.g Carn Dearg, Shelterstone, Dubh Loch.

Michael Gordon - on 15 May 2017
In reply to JackM92:

Those three cliffs would all be good bets lack of snow-wise. Rain is likely to be more of a problem!
peter.herd - on 18 May 2017
In reply to JackM92:
I don't know any of any crag that holds snow on top through the summer. A few in the Cairngorms (i.e. Sputan Dearg, Creagan Etchachan) and on Ben Nevis may have patches on approach slopes but these are not problematic - in fact on a hot day can be quite refreshing to belay by. Grab a spiky rock for an axe if you need. We've had a dry winter and spring. Folk have have been climbing on many of the mountain crags over the past month of so. Just be flexible and willing to drive.
barbeg on 18 May 2017
In reply to JackM92:

Hi Jack, the high crags are in decent nick.....I've been rock climbing with clients for a few weeks now. Some higher snow patches remain so be ready for the odd weep.....but otherwise a lot of routes are already dry and pretty clean.
Have fun !
Adam Hill on 10:36 Mon
In reply to JackM92:

Just returned from climbing on Shelterstone and Carn Dearg. Rock's in great condition, as are the approaches. We climbed Steeple a day after heavy rain last week and there were very few if any, wet streaks. The mountains are parched after such a dry spring.

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