/ Tower Ridge: Gear Recovery

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L finnegankp - on 16 May 2017
A couple weeks ago my wife and I were unfortunate enough to drop our GPS on Tower Ridge. We were just starting a section at the base of the first tower when it slipped from our pack and over the edge towards the eastern gully. We were on the far left at an anchor point marked by two rather old pitons. The GPS slid off a graded slope and over the edge but we believe it may have landed on a shelf about 30-40 meters below the anchor points directly east, below the piton anchor.

We are hoping to find someone that is looking to do Tower Ridge in the next week that would be willing to make a short detour during their ascent to see if they are able to locate and recover our GPS. We would happily pay somone £50 for their troubles.

If anyone is interested, please let me know as we're somewhat grounded until we can recover it as we don't have the available funds to lay out for a brand new unit.


wilkie14c - on 16 May 2017
In reply to finnegankp:

grounded without it? why not learn how to use a map and compass and you can get back outdoors. also, if the reward is £50, i feel it'd be better spent on another GPS, you can certainly get one for £50 on the second hand market.

hope you get it back anyway.
johncook - on 16 May 2017
In reply to finnegankp:

Maps are cheap and very reliable!
They also don't distract you while you are driving and their batteries do not expire at inopportune moments!
L finnegankp - on 16 May 2017
In reply to johncook:

Totally agree and we use a map and compass as well as the GPS. Its not a or the other kind of deal, however a ma nd compass can't record our route details that we use for our digital logs. Phones have come a long way, but even so battery life on them is fairly short and batteries aren't user replaceable in many of them (including my S7) whereas we have spare batteries and such for the gps unit. The map and compass + phone option is great for shorter trips, but isn't an entirely feasible option for long multi-day and multi-week trips.

So I guess we're not specifically grounded, but without the gps we lose much of our critical detail information for maintaining our record keeping and route mapping.

All said and done, we'll still get out but would love to get our unit back.
Dave Perry - on 17 May 2017
In reply to finnegankp:

Actually, I think you've got your facts about map and compass V, GPS the wrong way around.

For multi day trips and more a GPS will run out of battery power, so you'll need extra methods of recharging/spare batteries etc., ........and if it stops working for whatever reason, thats the end of your multi day wotsit.

But a map and compass.................

And did I mention a paper logbook/diary?? I have many of my trips recorded in this format going back to the late 1970,s. The operating system hasn't changed since then. A note book to suit your writing/drawing style and pen or/and pencil.

But many different PC applications have come and gone since then. (or been dropped off cliffs.)
JDC - on 17 May 2017
In reply to finnegankp:

Was one thread on this not enough??
L finnegankp - on 18 May 2017
In reply to finnegankp:

Figured that multiple threads would increase the chances of a response. However, most people seem to prefer to be clever versus offering a willingness to assist with the revovery. Alas, it may be a lost cause.


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