/ Humphrey Head Access

tintinandpip - on 17 May 2017
Is Humphrey Head banned (until June 30th) its not clear on the BMC website as it talks about access from the beach ?
tmawer - on 17 May 2017
In reply to tintinandpip:

I believe it is banned but that bouldering on the beach is OK. I think there may be a recent post somewhere about this with more details if you search through site.
Trevor Langhorne on 22:58 Fri
In reply to tintinandpip:

There is an earlier thread about this as tmawer notes. Climbing on the crag is off limits until 30 June however bouldering along the bottom is not. This peculiar situation may be why the BMC RAD appears a bit uncertain (I was at the meeting when the 2017 restrictions were agreed with Natural England and recall the discussion).