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Hawky on 18 May 2017
Hiya, im seeking a partner for low grade classics across scotland, i have a full rack and transport, pretty much all the gear and no idea

Been climbing a few years on and off ive done some leading upto severe but definitely am not confident.

If you like leading then im a good partner.

Im very confident on belay

Get intouch if you fancy getting out

GrahamUney - on 18 May 2017
In reply to Hawky:

I'm heading up to the Cairngorms for a couple pf days at the end of June (28th & 29th), hoping to get on some of the classic rock routes there. I climb a few times a week at around HVS, and am working towards my MIA assessment. However, on my Cairngorms trip I'm really look at getting some of the Classic Rock routes ticked - ideally Eagle Ridge on Lochnagar, and maybe Squareface & Mitre Ridge, or Talisman, although that's a lot of walking for just 2 days.

I'm actually based down in the Lakes, but try to get up to Scotland a few times each year.

Let me know if you're available and interested for those two days.


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Hawky on 18 May 2017
In reply to GrahamUney:

Hi, ive had squareface on my list since i first started so im well up for that and mitre ridge,

I can be avaliable anytime with some notice

Im not to far from Braemar and havent found anyone wanting to head into squareface as its so far so definitely count me in

Cheers Graham, Ryan

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