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betathief - on 18 May 2017
So, I have the Rig 3.5 from Alpkit, which has been great for solo sleep outs however I need one that can comfortably sleep 2 underneath.

I have also used the Terra Nova Adventure Tarp 2, this is one that I have permanently borrowed for a long while but have finally got round to handing it back. Now this was a good piece of kit, although got ripped a lot and was not overly tough. But still this is my first choice for a new tarp.

My question is simple, is there a better option for a similar price than the terra nova?

Luke90 on 18 May 2017
In reply to betathief:
Don't Alpkit do a bigger version of the Rig? I've not used either but if you get on well with the small Alpkit, might be worth looking.

Edit: Sold out until the end of June. Standard Alpkit.
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mp3ferret on 13:01 Thu
In reply to betathief:

Have a look at http://www.ddhammocks.com/products/tarps

I have / had one of each - the heavier ones are bombproof - mine are probably 10 yrs old and still going strong. The light weight ones are great - tiny pack size too - but doubt they'll last 10yrs.

The Wild Scallion on 13:13 Thu
In reply to betathief:

+1 For DD hammocks .

I have both a tarp and one of their hammocks and they are brilliant for the money.
I don't think anyone make better for the price.

richprideaux - on 14:48 Thu
In reply to betathief:

Another vote for DD Hammocks 3mx3m. Mine is nearly 10 yrs old with monthly usage, including over fires and scuffed over rocks. Not the lightest all smallest pack size, but lots of room and reasonably priced.

This was two 3mx3m tarps opposite each other, with plenty of room for lounging underneath drinking cider...

betathief - on 14:54 Thu
In reply to mp3ferret:

Cheers, Never heard of these, had a look and nearly dismissed them right away due to the camo colour, but they do other colours, phew!

Little bit heavier too for the basic models, but they look good! Their lightweight also looks good, but need to see if i can justify the extra cost...
Jonny on 00:22 Fri
In reply to betathief:

Their tarps are certainly great value, and no doubt the standard version is resistant enough, but I would caution against going for the lightweight version. A tiny nick on one edge was transformed, in a single blustery Pyrenean winter night, into a shredded flapping mess that threatened to present me to white death on a platter. Rip-stop it was not.

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