/ Gas Cartridges in Peru

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Adam Godwin on 19:56 Thu
Just wondering if anyone has experience with the type of gas cartridges available in Huaraz, Peru?

Looking in our Jeremy Frimer Huayhuash guide he says that the "bluet" style cartridges are readily available, so I'm wondering if it's worth acquiring either one of these for my MSR Windburner before we go:


If so, does anyone know which one will be best? Part of me hopes that the usual screw top cartridges will be available over there - despite having issues finding these in Kathmandu a few years ago.

ps. We have a MSR petrol stove for the majority of our cooking.
sheelba - on 21:37 Thu
In reply to Adam Godwin:

We're pretty sure we got screw canisters there. There are quite a few well stocked outdoor shops. You could email one and ask if you wanted to be certain
pec on 21:51 Thu
In reply to Adam Godwin:

The regular screw type gas cylinders were definitely available in Huaraz when I was there in 2001 and 2009. It would be odd if they weren't any longer since they have become more commonly available in Europe and the USA since then.
Adam Godwin on 22:19 Thu
In reply to Adam Godwin:

Cheers for the replies! I think we'll not bother with the adapters then and take our chances with getting the normal screw ones...

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