/ Switzerland (dirtbag) campervanning and beginner trad routes

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L Sezza - on 10:48 Fri
Hi all
We are looking to go climbing in Switzerland and drive over in our van. We previously have just climbed sport (French 6a-7a) but have just recently found the world of trad climbing. We are total beginners at trad climbing but keen to develop our skills and would love some recommendations on where would be a good place to start to find rewarding multipitches that aren't too exposed or difficult. The second question is if anyone has every stayed in their van in Switzerland. My understanding is that wild camping is not allowed and staying in a van overnight when not in a caravan park/campsite is frowned upon. Can anyone advise on this?
Thanks in advance everyone!
Rick Graham on 17:15 Fri
In reply to Sezza:

Most things are banned or expensive in CH.

If you need to do them, the trick is not to get caught. Be stealthy.
elliptic on 17:53 Fri
In reply to Sezza:

France is a much better option for dirtbagging to be honest. Everything's cheaper and it's far more van friendly - most little towns and villages in touristy areas have facilities for campervans to come and go, and you'll be okay just pulling over and dossing pretty much anywhere in the mountains. Are you really set on Switzerland?
rlrs on 18:36 Fri
In reply to Sezza:

Switzerland is also not the best place for easy trad climbs, most of the rock climbing is sport climbing, or at best bolted routes which take a bit of trad gear.
heleno - on 19:23 Fri
In reply to Sezza:

We've parked up overnight in our camper van in several spots in Switzerland without any trouble. Mountain passes in particular seem to have large parking areas where camper vans and motorhomes congregate. In fact the biggest annoyance on out last trip was a massive American style RV who parked next to us on the SustenPass and ran its generator all night!
Rick Graham on 21:13 Fri
In reply to Rick Graham:

Another trick I recall, is that some Swiss motorway rest areas do not have time restrictions.

Worth checking the parking signs very carefully, some have free showers and other mod cons.
L Sezza - on 10:38 Mon
In reply to elliptic:

Thanks for your reply. We are planning to go to France also but heard there were some pretty nice long multipitches in Switzerland. Think we'll stick to sport routes.
L Sezza - on 10:39 Mon
In reply to rlrs:

Thanks for your message! We'll stick to the sport routes then. Can you recommend a specific area for sport multipitches?
richlan - on 12:12 Mon
In reply to Sezza:

Well Switzerland is still a pretty big country and you don't say where you are wanting to be but the Rhone valley has plenty:

timmeehhhh - on 16:45 Mon
In reply to Sezza:

There are plenty of beginner sport and trad routes near the big mountain passes in the central part of the country: Grimselpas, Furkapas and Sustenpas. Also check out the Bergel region in the south-east. A nice introduction to alpine multi-pitch routes can be found at the Albigna artificial lake. Routes here are generally bolted at parts that are hard to protect, but require a small selection of trad gear for other sections.

If trad is what you are after, go to Italy. This is also a more friendly destination for dirtbag climbers.

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