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elliott92 - on 19:50 Fri

Just brought a new van. I'm a carpenter so my van has to predominantly be for work use.. But I'm going to insulate it, stick a leisure battery hooked up to the alternator in, build a removable kitchen unit, throw in some LED lighting and make it a bit more homely than it is now. I love the short times I get to spend dirt bagging for a week or weekend and although I know how I'm going to configure mine I'm looking for someone to give me the phyce to pull my finger out and get working on it.
So come on, show us yer home on wheels
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Oceanrower - on 20:37 Fri
In reply to elliott92:

Go on then. I bought this about a year ago to convert to a camper. Although. admittedly, I haven't got round to actually doing the work yet...

andyjohnson0 - on 20:55 Fri
In reply to Oceanrower:

Assuming that's for real, what is the fuel consumption like? Can you drive it on a normal licence?
Oceanrower - on 07:19 Sat
In reply to andyjohnson0:

Fuel is surprisingly good. (OK, that's stretching it but it's all relative!) About 17mpg on a good run without water.

Class 2 as standard but can easily be downgraded to 7.5 tonne so, depending on when you took your test, yes.

And, yes. It is for real.
deepsoup - on 10:10 Sat
In reply to elliott92:
> I'm a carpenter so..

You like wood?

Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zT6xouARoA
deepsoup - on 10:43 Sat
In reply to elliott92:
Oh, and some still photos: http://tinyhouseswoon.com/helga/
teh_mark on 13:40 Sat
In reply to deepsoup:

I love it.
jack_44 - on 14:30 Sat
In reply to Oceanrower:

I once hitched a lift with a German family travelling in a converted fire truck! They did a great job too! All the best for your project!
deepsoup - on 19:50 Sat
In reply to teh_mark:
It is rather beautiful isn't it?

As a commissioned professional conversion it must have cost an absolute fortune - lovely simple rustic living for people with a *huge* pile of cash to spend! ;-)
teh_mark on 21:24 Sat
In reply to deepsoup:

It's like my boat - only shorter, more rustic and on wheels.
peebles boy - on 21:41 Sat
In reply to elliott92:

My mate has just finished a 1972 Mercedes fire truck, some photos and info here: https://www.facebook.com/Boneyard-Campers-Tweed-Valley-1238959712865804/
jonesieboy on 09:20 Sun
In reply to elliott92:

Never miss an opportunity to post a picture of my camper!

guy127917 - on 09:58 Sun
In reply to elliott92:

Just re-certified as a campervan by the DVLA last week...


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