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L Stichtplate on 16:11 Sat
Anyone watching American Gods? I read the book years ago and loved it and now am really enjoying the series. McShane is class.
MonkeyPuzzle - on 16:37 Sat
In reply to Stichtplate:

When I heard Gaiman was collaborating on it, I did a little wee and when I heard Ian McShane was going to play Wednesday I did a slightly bigger one. I've not been disappointed by any of the episodes yet. That damp patch is getting worse.
L Stichtplate on 16:47 Sat
In reply to MonkeyPuzzle:
I'm not the only one then. Slightly shameful having fanboy tendencies at my age. Got to say, Shadow is doing well for an Oldham lad by way of sodding Hollyoaks!

Edit: even the title sequence is brilliant.
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ThunderCat - on 20:18 Sat
In reply to Stichtplate:

Did I read that gaiman is doing a sequel to Neverwhere as well?
ceri - on 21:51 Sat
In reply to ThunderCat: there's a mini novel prequel I think about the marquis de carabas and his coat. A full sequel would be great.
Much enjoying American gods.
Oooh... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/books/2017/feb/17/neil-gaiman-announces-neverwher...

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